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Product types and extensions compatible with Google Pay

Step 3 of the Set up Google Pay for GoDaddy Payments Series

Following are the WooCommerce product types and extensions that Google Pay will work with.

Required: Enable GoDaddy Payments in your site by navigating at WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and completing the set up process if you haven't already.

WooCommerce product types

Google Pay supports simple, grouped, and variable products.

Compatible extensions

Google Pay is compatible with Product Add-ons. When using Product Add-ons, your customers will be able to see the cost of their add-ons in the Google Pay paysheet on the Cart and Checkout pages, and you can see add-on details in the order.

Incompatible extensions

WooCommerce Subscriptions or WooCommerce Pre-orders are currently not compatible with GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay.

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