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Security is a strange tool. When you use it, nothing special seems to happen. There isn’t the same level of gratification as launching your website to the world, opening a new online store, or increasing your social post views.

But security is just as important. Without it, all of those amazing things can be taken away from you with no easy way of getting them back.

Take some time, go through the topics on this page, and learn how a small investment of your time now can keep the amazing things you are doing safe.

Passwords & 2SV brickSet up passwords and two-step verification Strong passwords and 2-step verification are the best ways to protect your account.
Back up, restore and disaster recovery brickBack up, restore and prepare for disaster recovery Securely back up your site so you’re ready to restore it if something goes wrong.
Get an SSL certificate brickGet an SSL certificate Make sure your site shows that it is secure so customers know that their personal information is protected when visiting.
Set up a firewall brickGet a firewall Protect your site with a firewall to prevent it from getting hacked.
Monitor and scan your site brickMonitor and scan your site Know when your site is down or under attack. Monitoring and scanning can alert you, and help you fix any issues, if your site is down or being attacked.
Secure paymentsSecure payments Ensure you meet credit card company regulations and your customers personal information is secure when they purchase from your website.
Update your Content Management System (CMS) brickUpdate your Content Management System (CMS) Regular website software updates protect you from security threats and improves your site performance.

Note: We offer a Managed SSL Service where our experts can secure your website for you, if you prefer to spend your time on other things.

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