The Great Indian Adventure
Pranav Chandra, MD

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At a glance
Business: The Great Indian Adventure
Founded: 2008
GoDaddy helped us: Reach out to potential customers across the world.
Results: 15 inquiries every month since the website launched, with a majority of them translating into sales.

Product snapshot

Domain: A professional online identity helped GIA target potential clients in India and in the U.S., Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Email: Business email from GoDaddy made GIA’s communication credible and professional and helped build trust in the brand.

Expanding horizons

“In India, everything is an adventure,” said Pranav Chandra, MD, founder of The Great Indian Adventure (GIA).

Starting GIA was definitely an adventure for Mr. Chandra, a New York banker. While Mr. Chandra recognized the potential for adventure travel in India, he also saw the challenges – the lack of information available for those seeking an authentic Indian adventure, coupled with the risk of literally being taken for a ride.

Established in 2008, GIA creates fun and flexible Indian travel experiences. The company is a one-stop shop for adventure seekers. Trips include themed holiday packages centered on everything from spirituality to eco-tourism.

GIA also offers vacation-planning services and can organize almost anything – butter chicken tours, meditation trips, cooking lessons, visits to Bollywood shoots, trips to elephant farms and polo retreats. GIA’s knowledge, customized approach and attention to detail have given the company a continuous stream of business.

Though word-of-mouth referrals have been GIA’s primary source of new customers, Mr. Chandra set up the company website,, in 2009 to reach more customers globally.

The strategy paid off – GIA receives more than 15 business inquiries every month, mostly from overseas in the U.S., Canada, Australia and South Africa. Mr. Chandra is pleased with the performance of his website and says most business inquiries received translate into business.

The virtual expedition

When it was time to put his business online, Mr. Chandra chose GoDaddy for domain registration and email. Reputation, ease of use and cost were several reasons Mr. Chandra picked GoDaddy. The excellent customer service Mr. Chandra received reminds him he chose the right online business partner.

“The buying stage was good, setup was easy and post launch was smooth,” said Mr. Chandra.

“I’ve called GoDaddy customer service once and had an excellent experience. The customer service executive was very helpful, knowledgeable and answered multiple questions I had. She was very patient in her approach.”

Future quests

For Mr. Chandra, GoDaddy products delivered as expected. He experienced GoDaddy’s award winning customer service firsthand. In the future, Mr. Chandra says he’s sure to spread the word about GoDaddy.

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