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What is Electronic Signatures in The Hub?

With The Hub's Electronic Signatures powered by Acronis Cyber Cloud you can notarize a document or file, as well as request and collect electronic signatures. The entire process is managed through a single secure portal.

How do I get a document electronically signed?

After uploading your document or file you'll have the option to add recipients if you need other people to sign it. Using the same tool you'll add a signature and an initials box to your document, which indicates where the recipients need to sign. Acronis will then send a invitation to sign the document to all the recipients you added.

You can use the electronic signing feature with or without previously notarizing the file. You also can use the feature if only you need to sign the document.

How does someone sign a document?

After you've completed the process of uploading a document and sending the signing request, all of the recipients you added will receive an email notification. The email includes an invite to sign the file, as well as a link that directs the recipient to Acronis' site where they can securely sign the document. They can use a suggested signature or enter their own, and then complete the signing.

How do I know when a document was signed?

You'll receive an email after the document was electronically signed by everyone that received the invitation. You can also check how many signers have successfully signed the document at any time from within Acronis. Simply select Signed FilesSignature certificate box.

How does the notary feature work?

When you upload a file or document it is automatically notarized by Ethereum. A unique hash code is then created for your document and stored in their database. That hash code is used to alert you if there were any changes to your file after it was notarized.

Are there any limitations?

Files over 1 GB in size cannot be signed or notarized directly through the Acronis tool. Instead, you'll need to create and use an API key, which is a more advanced process.

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