For just ₹ 58.00/mo*, here’s what you get:

Set up your website in 4 easy steps.

What’s a domain? It’s what your customers type in the address bar.

To get the most from your domain, make sure it:

  • Fits your business or products
  • Is easy to spell and remember

For this special offer, choose from in or and start connecting with customers in India.

Look like a professional with your email.

Use your .in or domain to build your brand with a matching Professional Email address.

  • Includes 10GB storage, more than enough to get you started
  • Comes with security and an anti-spam filter
Set up your website in minutes — and start getting found.

Website Builder makes it simple to create an business card website that puts you in front of the millions of people online every day.

  • Just add your business information and go live
  • Add social media links to engage visitors
  • Background options create a specific look for your business

Get started and search for your domain name

Online Starter Bundle FAQs

What are the benefits of the Online Starter Bundle for my business?

Purchasing this bundle helps you get your business online in a matter of minutes with minimal effort. We have created a special onboarding process for you to add an email and a business website to your domain in a few clicks.

Our Professional Email helps you stay on customers' minds with an email address that matches your domain and promotes your businesses with every message you send. Professional Email comes with easy-to-use features like calendar, contacts and tasks — as well as a webmail portal you can customize.

Our business card website helps you own your own space on the internet and lets users find business and contact details about you when they search for you on any search engine. Furthermore, you can link your social media page from your site and engage with your users.

What are the domains available in this bundle?

Currently, only .in and are available as part of this bundle. We are in the process of adding new domains to the group of eligible domains. We would suggest that you purchase an available .in or for your business name and get started.

What are the steps after I finish purchasing this bundle?

All your products would be in your account after you purchase them. Once you finish purchase, you will start a step-by-step onboarding where we will set up your products with the information you provide. Do not worry, the setup is only a few steps and you will be live with your email and your website on your domain within minutes.

I skipped onboarding after I purchase, how do I activate my products?

No worries, your products are still in your account. You can find Professional Email under Email on your My Products page. Click Manage to restart the email onboarding.

For your business card website, click Additional Products on the My Products page, go to Website Builder, and then click Redeem.

You can now start onboarding and fill in your details to get your business website live. If you’re still unable to activate your website, go to your My Products page, click Websites, and then next to Website Builder, click Set Up to get started manually.

We suggest that you finish the onboarding with your both email and website. It takes less than five minutes but gets your business out on the internet putting your domain to use the moment you purchase it.

Can I purchase this bundle with my existing domain?

No. currently, you need to purchase a new domain (.in and to purchase the other products of this bundle. However, you can purchase Professional Email and attach it to your current domain. We’re currently working on a solution to get these products be available for purchase to your existing domain.

I do not see website included in the bundle in cart. Am I not getting it?

Do not worry. The website will be added as soon as you complete your purchase. You will be onboarded for both email and website right after purchase.