GoDaddy .COM Domain Bundles

Connected tools, bundled to help you grow and save.

Our products work together perfectly, and our bundles save you money — up to 8%.

Starter Domain Bundle

All the tools you need to get started online.

Save up to 8%

₹ 468.09

₹ 430.59


Billed annually (You pay ₹ 5,167.00 today)

Renews at ₹ 5,617.00/yr1
  • .com domain

  • Professional Email

  • Full Domain Protection

  • GoDaddy Studio (standard)
  • 24/7 support

Best Value

Essentials Domain Bundle

All the tools you need to create and share impactful social content and build your brand.

Save up to 2%

₹ 1,252.25

₹ 1,214.75


Billed annually (You pay ₹ 14,577.00 today)

Renews at ₹ 15,027.00/yr1
  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Website Builder
  • 500 email marketing sends/mo
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • GoDaddy Studio (premium)
  • Social posting (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Site and marketing analytics dashboard

Ecommerce Domain Bundle

All the tools you need to promote and sell products online and grow your business.

Save up to 1%

₹ 1,988.09

₹ 1,950.59


Billed annually (You pay ₹ 23,407.00 today)

Renews at ₹ 23,857.00/yr1
  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Online Store Builder
  • 25,000 email marketing sends/mo
  • Up to 5,000 product listings
  • Sell on Amazon, Etsy and More

  • Auto-inventory-sync across marketplaces
  • Google paid search campaigns
  • Boosted social posts

Why bundling makes sense.

Our tools are synced.

We ensure that our advanced online tools work together seamlessly to help achieve your goals.

Bundled tools save you money.

Our domain bundles have all the tools you need, driving down costs, rather than you having to buy them individually.

More money allows you to grow.

With more cash in your pocket, you have greater opportunities to grow your business.

What’s included with GoDaddy Bundles.

  • Subscription Lp Mobile Domain

    GoDaddy Domain

    Pick up your own .com domain.

    Your domain is your calling card. It’s how you connect with the world. It’s your first step to success online. What will yours be?

  • Subscription Lp Mobile Wsb

    GoDaddy Website Builder

    Design your website in minutes.

    Use our Website Builder to bring to life the website of your dreams with thousands of customizable templates and easy-to-use online tools.

  • Subscription Lp Mobile Commerce

    Online Store & Marketplaces

    Start selling online — today.

    It's easy to start selling where your customers are — online, social media, marketplaces, anywhere. Even if you're not a pro, you can still get set up right away, start selling fast and accept payment with Online Paylinks.

  • Subscription Lp Mobile Studio

    Marketing Tools

    Connect with new customers online.

    GoDaddy Studio allows you to reach new customers with targeted email campaigns and breakthrough social content, designed by you — no design or tech skills required.

  • Subscription Lp Mobile Dashboard

    GoDaddy Dashboard

    Manage it all in one place.

    Nothing’s more convenient than managing your business right from one central dashboard.

GoDaddy has everything you need to thrive online.

Subscription Lp Website

One-stop shop for domains, websites, email marketing and beyond.

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A massive selection from the world’s largest registrar (that’s us).

How to use a Domain Bundle to sell online.

  1. Select your preferred domain bundle.
  2. Choose your .com domain.
  3. Set up your website and link your domain.
  4. Upload product images and publish your online store.
  5. Begin promoting your online store.

Choose the best Domain Bundle for you.

Whether you’re building your brand, selling online or unsure what to do with your domain, there are domain bundles for you.

Starter Domain Bundle

All the tools you need to get started online.

Save up to 8%

₹ 468.09