Betsy Rafael
Former Chief Accounting Officer at Apple


Betsy Rafael has more than 30 years of executive financial experience in the technology industry and joined the GoDaddy board in March 2014. Betsy held the position of Vice President and Corporate Controller for Apple since 2007, and in January 2008 was appointed to the additional role of Principal Accounting Officer until her retirement in October 2012.

From April 2002 to September 2006, she served as Vice President, Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer of Cisco Systems, and held the position of Vice President, Corporate Finance for Cisco Systems from September 2006 to August 2007. Over the course of her finance and operations career, Betsy served numerous companies, including Ernst & Young, Sun, SGI, Escalate and Aspect Communications.

Betsy graduated magna cum laude from Santa Clara University with a B.S.C. degree in Accounting, and was appointed to the Santa Clara Board of Trustees in October 2012. She also serves on the boards of Echelon and Autodesk, Inc.