Debra Weissman
Senior Vice President of Commerce, Data & Application Services Platforms


As GoDaddy's Senior Vice President for Commerce, Data, & Application Services Platforms, Debra Weissman brings expertise from a variety of product and engineering roles in e-commerce, identity, personalization, and mobile platforms and experiences. She joined GoDaddy in 2014 and leads GoDaddy's platform transformation in these areas.

Prior to GoDaddy, Debra was Chief Product Officer at University of Phoenix, Vice President of Product for Mobile and Personalization at Yahoo!, and spent 15 years at Microsoft in senior roles, including Group Program Manager for the Windows User Experience and running product, engineering, QA, and operations for Xbox Live Entertainment's e-commerce platform and recommender system.

Debra has a Masters in History from the University of Washington, a BS in Journalism and and BA in History from Boston University, and while CPO at University of Phoenix completed her MBA on the new learning system that her team designed. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at Northeastern University.