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Why should I run paid social media ads? 

Organic social media builds a community of loyal followers and customers. It involves posting relevant content and interacting with the people who interact with your brand. The benefit of organic social media is that it’s free.

But for most businesses, organic reach is no longer as effective as it used to be. There are no guarantees who will see your unpaid posts, and while some content might score a ton of engagement, other posts might feel like they’re totally hidden.

In contrast, social ads ensure that your posts get views. If you want more eyeballs on your business’ content without worrying about algorithms or restricted reach, ads can do the trick.

Watch this video on how social media advertising works. It breaks down what you need for a winning campaign, step-by-step. While the focus is on Facebook and Instagram, you can use these guidelines to run ads on other platforms too, such as Google.

The who, what and how

You’ll need to tell your social media platform who your ad will target. You should also figure out the goals of your ads and put together an ideal budget for your campaign. The more specific you get about your target audience, the easier it will be to determine your goals. From there you can choose whether your budget applies to each day or to the full campaign.

Note: Your budget heavily impacts the performance of your ad. Setting a higher budget often means better performance. We’ll recommend a budget as you set up your ad.

What is your ad going to say?

The next step is to create the messages and graphics that drive engagement. Your messages should feel like they’re written by humans and should not be presented as sales messages. Most marketing messages can be boiled down to a single sentence or slogan, so they should be short and to the point.

You want your content to really stand out from the noise. Since there are many businesses competing in the same space for similar audiences, targeting a tailored audience will help narrow your focus. However, you’ll also need some great content to make a big impression and capture their attention.

Having a tool like GoDaddy Studio is an excellent way to keep the design process quick and uncomplicated. With tons of templates and beautiful designs for you to use, creating content with GoDaddy Studio can literally save you hours in your day.

Note: GoDaddy Studio PRO is included in all Websites + Marketing plans, and is called Content Creator when you’re creating content in Websites + Marketing or Digital Marketing. You can also subscribe to a standalone version of GoDaddy Studio.

Are you tracking your results?

Results are key to building and refining your social ad strategy. They show you what’s working and what’s not, which allows you to shift resources and tactics and be more effective.

Your ad campaigns need a clear objective so that the metrics have meaning. This is what we call Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. If you’re not clear on what you want the outcome to be or how you will measure results, it doesn’t matter how good the insights look. Whether you choose Cost Per Click, Click-Through Rate, Cost Per Conversion or Ad Impressions, these performance metrics will help define the success of your advertising campaigns.

If you’re not sure where to start or you just want to make sure you’re on the right path with social media advertising, our digital marketing experts can help.

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