What is a .no domain?

.no is the country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) for Norway. While there are a number of second-level domains available for different entities in Norway — from priv.no for individuals to drett.no for sports organizations — the number of top-level .no domains is limited by the registry. Despite these limitations (or maybe because of them) .no domain names are very popular in Norway and are the clear first choice for any business, organization or individual who has a presence in the country.

Who can buy a .no domain?

Like many other countries, Norway made the decision to restrict the sale of dot no domain names to individuals and organizations (commercial or otherwise) who have a physical address in Norway. In addition, registrants need to provide either a PID (individuals) or a VAT ID (businesses) and review and accept the terms prior to registration.

While this may disappoint some folks who’d love to get their hands on a .no domain name, it’s great for Norway’s citizens and businesses. These restrictions translate to a greater selection of domains for those who qualify. Plus, anyone who visits a .no website can rest assured that it’s owned by someone who’s physically located in Norway.

What can I do with a .no domain?

As mentioned earlier, there are several .no second-level domains that are designed to make it easy for visitors to find the correct type of website under the .no umbrella. In terms of a plain .no domains, once you’ve met the registration requirements, there are no hard rules as to how it can be used. Since there’s no specific second-level domain for businesses in Norway, a .no domain name should be your first choice when finding an online home for your Norwegian business. That’s true for huge corporations as well as smaller businesses and industries, like:

  • Restaurants

  • Clothing stores

  • Salons

  • Hotels
  • Tourism
  • Rentals and real estate
  • Consulting

When can I register a .no domain?

Anytime! In fact, the sooner the better. .no domains have been around for a little while and are extremely popular with Norwegian citizens and businesses, so if you’re after a specific name, you should grab it as soon as possible — buy before someone else does. Use the search box at the top of this page to find your .no domain name today!