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FAQ: Network tokens and Lifecycle Management (LCM) updates

What are network tokens?

Network tokens are a tokenization service offered by card networks, like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Network tokens are a secure form to store a customer’s payment details. Network tokens reduce friction when making purchases because network tokens are maintained and automatically updated by card networks. This feature might not be available for the cards in all markets.

What are Lifecycle Management Updates?

Lifecycle Management (LCM) updates are a key feature of credential-on-file (COF) network tokenization, allowing issuers to keep COF network tokens updated as changes are made to their cardholders' accounts. Issuers push LCM in real-time, or via a batch process to the card brands. LCM timelines vary by issuer based on their update process and are done for all tokenized cards.

Do all card issuers in all markets support network tokens and LCM updates?

No, not all markets and card issuers support network tokens or LCM updates. These customers must manually re-add their card details in their account when the card expires, and when they are issued a new card number. Customers who wish to update their card details will need to remove the existing card from their GoDaddy account and then add the card again as a new payment method. This creates the new network token and securely stores the new card details.

Currently the Royal Bank of India (RBI) does not support LCM updates. If you are a customer in India and you choose to enable auto-renewals for your GoDaddy products, then you will need to re-add your card details to update or create a new Standing Instruction (SI token).

What does this mean for my payment profiles in my account?

This will not impact how your cards are displayed or how you use them for purchases.

How can I tokenize my card?

Nothing special is required to tokenize your card. When a credit card is saved during checkout, or through your account, the payment method is automatically tokenized.

My card has expired. Do I need to update it?

You should not have to do any updates. If your bank/card issuer participates in LCM updates, you will not need to do anything. But if your bank/card issuer doesn’t participate in LCM updates, you need to remove the existing card from your GoDaddy account and then add the card again as a new payment method. This process will create a new network token.

How do I remove the network token for my payment method?

The payment method by default will have a network token when you save and store the card in your account. To remove the network token, remove the card from your account by deleting that payment method from your account.

Will this impact my recurring payment purchases?

This will not have an impact on your recurring payments. Your renewals will go through as they always have.

Why does my card show as expired in my account?

This is because your card number has changed completely, or because the issuer does not support network tokens and/or lifecycle management updates. To update your card details, you need to re-add the card as a payment method to your account.

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