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Manage push notifications with GoDaddy Investor

GoDaddy Investor app offers push notifications to keep you updated on your auctions and bids, helping you keep track of auctions you’re interested in and increase the chances of getting the domain of your choice.

Note: A notification can be triggered when you are outbid, watching the auction, or are bidding on an auction.

  1. Open the Investor app on your mobile device (either iOS or Android).
  2. Select Settings.
  3. On the bottom navigation bar, select Notifications.
  4. Select the toggle for the Notifications you wish to enable. This'll notify you when:
    • Watching & Ending Soon: An auction on your watchlist is ending soon.
    • Outbid & Ending Soon: You've been outbid and the auction is ending soon.
    • Seller Countered: A seller has countered your offer.
    • Offer Accepted: A seller has accepted your offer.

    A shaded toggle will confirm that a push notification is enabled. You can disable a push notification by selecting the appropriate toggle, and the color will change to gray.

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