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Recover abandoned carts

When running a WooCommerce store online, you can generate more revenue by recovering carts that were abandoned at checkout. You can capture a customer's email before they complete the checkout process and send them reminder emails to complete their purchase.

Required: AutomateWoo is a premium WooCommerce extension included with Managed WordPress Ecommerce, Managed WooCommerce Stores or as a standalone purchase.

What is cart recovery

The AutomateWoo abandoned cart workflow allows you to send automated email reminders to customers after abandoning a checkout. You can set up multiple workflows to set a series of reminder emails. For example, let's say you want to send three recovery emails:

  1. The first email sends 1 hour after the cart was abandoned.
  2. The second email sends 1 day after the cart was abandoned.
  3. The third email sends 3 days after the cart was abandoned.

Since each cart can only enter a workflow once, you don't have to worry about changes in cart status. Once an order has been completed, the cart will exit any remaining workflows because it's no longer abandoned.

Best practices

You might want to consider incentivizing customers to complete their purchase by offering a limited time coupon. Additionally, invite the customer to reply to you with any questions or concerns to promote a conversation. Perhaps you'll learn more about why someone didn't complete the purchase and optimize your checkout accordingly. Some other things you can include in your recovery emails include social proof or information about your return policy.

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