Getting Started with GoDaddy's Digital Marketing Suite: Course Overview
Lesson 1 (of 26)
What is Digital Marketing?
2m 36s
Lesson 2 (of 26)
What is GoDaddy's Digital Marketing Suite?
2m 20s
Lesson 3 (of 26)
Getting to Know GoDaddy's Digital Marketing Suite
3m 26s
Lesson 4 (of 26)
Why Visual Content is Critical to Digital Marketing
2m 1s
Lesson 5 (of 26)
Top Visual Content Types for Digital Marketing
2m 1s
Lesson 6 (of 26)
Managing Your Visual Content with My Photos Library
2m 20s
Lesson 7 (of 26)
Harnessing the Power of an Action Plan
1m 57s
Lesson 8 (of 26)
Creating a Competitive Edge with GoDaddy InSight
2m 58s
Lesson 9 (of 26)
Setting Goals for Your Email Marketing
2m 28s
Lesson 10 (of 26)
Building Your Subscriber List
1m 53s
Lesson 11 (of 26)
Creating Engaging Email Marketing Content
2m 42s
Lesson 12 (of 26)
Using Effective Design Principles in Email Marketing
1m 58s
Lesson 13 (of 26)
Optimizing Deliverability of Email Marketing
2m 9s
Lesson 14 (of 26)
Tracking Email Marketing Metrics
1m 45s
Lesson 15 (of 26)
Creating a Marketing Email in Digital Marketing Suite
4m 18s
Lesson 16 (of 26)
Improving Local SEO with Business Listings
Lesson 17 (of 26)
Using Best Practices for Business Listings
2m 21s
Lesson 18 (of 26)
Setting Up Your Google My Business Listing
2m 30s
Lesson 19 (of 26)
Setting Up Your Yelp Listing
2m 9s
Lesson 20 (of 26)
How Small Business Can Use Social Media
2m 11s
Lesson 21 (of 26)
How to Choose Your Social Media Platforms
1m 59s
Lesson 22 (of 26)
Creating Content for Social Media
2m 17s
Lesson 23 (of 26)
Evaluating Social Media Performance
2m 42s
Lesson 24 (of 26)
Connecting Your Facebook Business Page
3m 17s
Lesson 25 (of 26)
Connecting Your Instagram Professional Account
1m 31s
Lesson 26 (of 26)
Posting to Social Media in Digital Marketing Suite
1m 20s
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Tracking Email Marketing Metrics

In this video, we’ll cover:
  • The three primary metrics used to evaluate email marketing success
  • How to interpret what each metric is telling you

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