Grab the new domain that has everyone talking.

Maybe the greatest benefit of the web is that it allows people from all across the world to connect like never before – and forums are at the heart of that experience. If your website was designed as a place for people to get together and share their thoughts, ideas and interests, you need a .forum domain.

Cars. Politics. Music. Collectible dolls. The subject doesn’t matter. When the whole world can access your site 24/7, even the most niche topic can bring thousands of passionate people together for in-depth conversations. Add the right topic in front of a .forum domain name, and you may well have an instantly popular address.

A .forum domain speaks volumes.

Sure, you can build or add a forum on any web address, but if conversation is the core of your website, why would you? A dot forum domain name is custom made for websites that focus on bringing people together for lively, informative discussions.

When your .forum address shows up in search results – before visitors even reach your site – they know exactly what to expect. And if they happen to be looking for a site where they can share their knowledge or talk with other like-minded individuals, it seems likely that the link to a .forum website will get clicked before other, more generic domains.

Let your visitors build your site.

Back in 1996, when the web was still just a shadow of what it is today, Bill Gates wrote an article entitled “Content is King.” Decades later, it’s a phrase that’s still preached as gospel online – and online forums are essentially content generators. Every visitor who contributes to the online conversation is adding original, relevant content to your website, the kind that search engines crave (and reward with higher rankings).

You don’t need to be an expert in a certain field to create a thriving online forum. All you need is a desire to bring people together, a natural curiosity about the subject and, of course, the right domain name. Register .forum today and start the next big conversation online. You never know just how far it will reach.

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