3 email marketing tips to improve your emails

Take control of your brand's voice

Not everyone who sends marketing emails loves to write. In fact, most emailers probably consider writing a necessary evil to promote their brand. If you can relate, here are three quick email marketing tips that you can use to improve your emails.

Email Marketing Tips Be Concise

Use the active voice

Let’s look at an example of the passive voice:

“I’m happy to announce that my new ebook was downloaded by more than 200 people!”

Here’s the same sentence in the active voice:

“I’m happy to announce that more than 200 people downloaded my new ebook!”

See the difference? It’s subtle but important.

Use words sparingly

People often use more words than necessary. For example:

“I know you are going to love the brand-new, exclusive earrings we are planning to release in the next week or two. Stay tuned for photos and more details about these simply amazing earrings.”

Perhaps this is just as powerful:

“You’re going to love our new (exclusive!) earrings, which we plan to release ASAP. Stay tuned for photos and details.”

If you can say the same thing with fewer words, do it.

Spice it up

Consider this straightforward sentence:

“We know that as a parent, you are often overwhelmed with responsibilities and don’t have time for things like planning nutritious meals for your family.”

Now use more interesting words. Add some rhythm to your prose. Be creative. Try:

“Oh, modern parent — you’re busy driving the elf bus and keeping your brood in clean underpants. Leave the oh-so-nutritious meal planning to us!”

Apply these three email marketing tips to your own emails

Start applying these email marketing tips to your emails and see if you notice a difference in how customers interact with your marketing emails!