3 keys to driving conversions using email marketing

Get in the driver’s seat

Woohoo! You’re going to win over a whole bunch of new customers with your latest email marketing campaign. You feel like you have it all:

Great content? Check.

Massive email list? Check.

High open rate? Check.

Zillions of conversions? Uh-oh.

Sometimes you feel like your latest email marketing campaign is all set to kick ass, but then… nada. You know your leads are warm because they signed up for your email list. And you know your content was compelling and persuasive. So what gives?

You might have forgotten one key ingredient: that sense of urgency that gets your potential customer clicking right now. How do you add that urgency to all of your email marketing messages going forward? Ask yourself these three questions.

What are my target customer’s pain points?

What problem(s) does your prospective customer have that you can solve? Once you’ve determined this, you can tailor your email content to meet your target customer’s particular pain point(s) to really resonate with them.

Say you’ve created an app that helps customers remember to do routine car maintenance, like get their oil changed or check the brakes. Many people in today’s busy world simply don’t think about routine car maintenance, so your app could solve a very real need that will extend the life of an expensive asset — your customer’s car.

When you provide a real-world solution to a pain point, you create that sense of urgency.

Do certain events affect my target customer’s buying patterns?

We all know consumers go on a buying frenzy near the holidays, but are there other times of year or events that will help you predict when your target customer is ready to click “buy now”?

Look at your target customer’s year. Do they make back-to-school purchases? Buy for Valentine’s Day? Is there a certain event within their industry that’ll have them clamoring to make a purchase?

In the car maintenance app example above, you might consider sending out an email push during Memorial Day, Labor Day and other big “car buying” holidays. You might even get slick and send your emails out three months later… just in time for that first oil change reminder.

Am I giving my target client an actionable next step?

Once you’ve created a sense of urgency with your potential client, you have to compel them to take the next step. And it’s up to you tell them what that next step is and to make it easy for them to do what you want.

Whether it’s to buy a product, redeem a discount, or download an e-book, make sure you include one clear call-to-action in your email to point your customer in that direction.

The call-to-action in the car maintenance app example might be: “Never miss your car’s routine maintenance. Extend the life of your car by three years with the CarMa* app!”

How do you get your emails to convert into sales? Start the conversation in the comments.

*Completely fictional app