3 reasons to start with a .bio

It’s all about (your) life

We want to know more about you. Maybe you’re an author or a public figure or simply someone with a really cool background — the point is, you’re interesting and you have a story to tell. It sounds like you could easily promote yourself with a short and sweet .bio domain name.

Or maybe you’re a guru when it comes to going green and living organically. You’re environmentally savvy with a wealth of knowledge to share, and you certainly know your stuff when it comes to sustainable living. So why not opt for a domain that exemplifies “living” on more than one level?

From biology to biography, a web address ending in .bio can cover your passions.


Your online identity starts with a memorable web address. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when considering a .bio domain.

1. Multiple options

With more than 100 million .coms already registered, it isn’t always easy to get your ideal domain name ending in the popular .com extension. Your chances are much better with a new domain extension like .bio. You’ll have more opportunity for customization and personalization of your online identity — and that’s something to take advantage of.

A website name like JohnSmith.bio is sure to stand out. For your visitors, this eliminates the guesswork and gives them a clear-cut answer as to what you (and your site) are all about. Add that to the win column!

2. Immediate recognition

Since the launch of this industry-specific domain extension in June 2014, .bio has gained global recognition. The organic-living implications behind the ending are acknowledged worldwide, and have garnered support from the bio movement. In addition, .bio domains are available to everyone, meaning thousands of Internet users are grabbing the extension for their own use, such as a personalized biography.

3. Protect your brand.

Already have a website in your arsenal? That’s awesome! But it doesn’t mean a .bio should be out of the question. You certainly don’t want your competitors leeching off of your already well-established brand by registering your name with other extensions. Consider adding a .bio to your list to safeguard your image.

Plus, it’s really simple to forward secondary domains to your primary website. For instance, you could register yourbusinessname.bio and forward it to the About Us page on your business website. Brilliant!

Don’t miss out on your chance to gain immediate recognition with a .bio domain extension. You can easily distinguish yourself as a supporter of the bio movement, or set up a personal biography that will grab everyone’s attention. Start looking for your perfect website address today.


Image by: Melissa Emmons Photography via Compfight cc