4 tips to improve email deliverability

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GoDaddy strives to get your email into as many inboxes as possible – known in the industry as ‘deliverability’ – every time you send. Much of that is dependent on GoDaddy’s awesome email deliverability rates, but some depends on you, and your sender reputation to improve email deliverability.

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The link between sender reputation and deliverability

Sender reputation is a catchall term ISPs (internet service providers) use to describe how engaged your audience is with the emails you send. Basically, anything that can be measured (Views, Unsubscribes, Bounces, etc.) can factor into how your sender reputation is considered and thus, how it affects your deliverability.

Although deliverability is a broad topic, yours can be improve email deliverability by remembering the tips in the list below. In addition, any time you consider your subscribers and what you think they’d like to receive, you can be pretty sure your deliverability will be excellent.

Four tips to improve email deliverability

  1. Grow your list authentically – Use webforms, direct contact, and current customers to increase the size of your list. Resist the urge to add anyone without their express permission, including purchased email lists.
  2. Be clear about what you’re sending – When you create a sign-up form and encourage people to sign-up, be forthright. If they’re agreeing to receive content about your new business once a day, tell them. If emails are going to be less frequent and a series of tutorials, let them know. If you set clear expectations and then stick to fulfilling them, you’ll have fans everywhere.
  3. Create content that engages – Not only are you sending what you said you would, you’re keeping it fun, functional and communicative. The more consistent your View/Engaged rates are, the better your deliverability.
  4. Keep your lists healthy – A healthy list always has more recently collected, engaged contacts than a non-opt-in or outdated list. Keeping your list up-to-date by regularly purging non-readers or old addresses is a best practice, not a negative outcome. It’s just part of email marketing.

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Kate Chittenden is a contributor to the former Mad Mimi blog, writing about email marketing for businesses and individuals. GoDaddy joined forces with Mad Mimi in 2014 to give small business owners, freelancers, moonlighters and more a simple, beautiful and powerful way to use email marketing to accomplish their goals. Want to email all your customers before your first cup of coffee? Check out GoDaddy Email Marketing.