5 WordPress plugins that boost user functionality

Empowerment with plugins

One of the things that makes WordPress® (especially the type that takes care of the grunt work so you can focus on what you do best) such a great platform for website design is the plethora of plugins available for it. And one of the greatest things about WordPress plugins is the fact that a good number of them increase user functionality even after you’ve turned some of the admin duties over to your clients.

You like to do that, right? Empowerment and all …

While we designers should not render ourselves obsolete, I do feel like it is our responsibility to give clients increased functionality, and the confidence to harness it themselves.” ~ Elaine Griffin

Well said, Elaine. Another reason we really like you. And here’s another: Elaine recently put together a list of five WordPress plugins that deserve a shout-out for boosting user functionality.

From making it easy for a pastry chef to add columns to a blog post to offering an interior designer a few extra font options, these plugins help your small business clients spend less time trying to figure out their site’s CSS so they have more time to bake pies and test drive sofas. That’s a good thing for everyone.

Here’s a glimpse at Elaine’s picks, and be sure to read the full post on Elaine Griffin Designs.

WP Easy Columns. This plugin lets you add columns and grids throughout the site — including on posts and pages — simply by clicking the Easy Columns button.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. This nifty text widget that will allow you to edit text in a flexible way, making it easier to upload images, add columns and more.

Shortcodes Ultimate. Say hello to more than 50 shortcodes for everything from accordions to tabs and carousels. This fully responsive CSS3 plugin also can maximize Black Studio’s capabilities.

WP Google Fonts. This plugin makes it a snap for clients to choose up to six fonts directly from the Google® Fonts directory.

Customizer. This plugin enhances customization options for basic design elements like color, background image and header.

Andrea Rowland
A former small business owner and newspaper journalist, and a published nonfiction author, Andrea Rowland helps craft compelling communications for small businesses and web pros through her work as managing editor of the GoDaddy Garage. When she's not writing or editing, she likes to experiment with baking, travel, read, and dip her toes in the ocean.