9 summer marketing ideas for your private gym

The months of muscle

Summertime is here, and the motivation to get back in shape is at an all-time high! Now is the superb season to market your private gym. We live in a digitally linked world that allows fitness marketing to be more engaging and affordable. But, contrary to belief, marketing your private gym comes down to more than just running paid advertisements and posting photos of your abs.

9 marketing ideas for your private gym

There are many ways to capitalize on this sizzling season. Here are nine marketing ideas to help make your private gym a hot commodity this summer:

  1. Explain the benefits of training at a private gym.

  2. Let them try before they buy.

  3. Emphasize the beach body epidemic.

  4. Use visual content.

  5. Host a pop-up boot camp.

  6. Be family oriented.

  7. Create a summer blog.

  8. Hot holiday sales.

  9. Give away some summer swag.

Ready to fill your private gym with new clients this summer? Then keep reading.

1. Explain the benefits of training at a private gym

The first thing you will want to do to market your private gym is highlight the benefits over a corporate membership gym. The mere fact that your gym is in a private setting will be your No. 1 seller.

Include some of these private gym benefits in your marketing strategy:

  • Individualized attention
  • Exclusivity
  • No early morning or mid-afternoon “gym rush”
  • Never wait for equipment
  • Less intimidating while working on getting back in shape
  • Support a local business

2. Let them try before they buy

The hardest part about acquiring more clients is getting them to step foot in your private gym. During the summer, more people are looking for fitness and nutritional guidance.

Offer a free consult to new clients to discuss their fitness goals, then take them on an introductory workout session.

During the introductory session, drop bits of knowledge to make them feel like they need you by their side for future workout sessions. Give them an unbeatable introductory session so they can’t turn down your private gym membership and training services.

Private Gym Kettlebell

3. Emphasize the beach body epidemic

We see the same trend every year. When the weather starts warming up, people starting talking about getting back in shape for the summer. Put a marketing emphasis on looking “beach ready” by offering 30-day challenges.

Many people do not want to commit a whole summer to their fitness goals and are in a rush to look good for their upcoming vacation.


A challenge is exciting and puts a deadline on a goal to help motivate individuals to stay on track. A 30-day challenge will also get eager clients in the door without the fear of commitment. I can have my beach body in just 30 days? Sign me up!

4. Use visual content

Visual content is eye-catching and increases memory recall. During the summer months, less people will be inside reading content. More people will be out and about, so visuals are a clever way to catch someone’s eye while they are quickly scrolling through their news feed.

Visual content can also help keep things simple. Not everyone is going to understand the scientific research behind your expert training when it is communicated through text only. Use infographics to show a visual representation and simplify your content.

You can even use it for content such as your 30-day challenge. Create a calendar infographic with the exercises and rep ranges for each day to give a visualization of the challenge. Infographics are simple to design and easy to share across social media channels.

5. Host a pop-up bootcamp

Warmer weather means more opportunity for outdoor events. Plan some pop-up bootcamps at parks outside of your city to get your private gym name out there. Offer a drop-in rate and encourage current clients to attend and bring a friend.

This allows people from all over to experience your training and familiarize themselves with your training style. While it would be rather expensive to haul your gym equipment with you, stick to more endurance and body weight exercises. You would be surprised what kind of killer workouts you can construct without any weights.

6. Be family oriented

There is a good chance that the clients you are seeking have children who are out of school for the summer. This means less gym time for Mom and Dad — unless they want to pay a sitter. Use this to your advantage and advertise family-oriented services.

You can create events like kids’ bootcamp, kid-specific classes, open gym, or designate areas for children to hang out while their parents train with you. Creation of these events will appeal to parents who are looking to get in shape while keeping their children entertained.

Private Gym Dumbbells

7. Create a summer blog

Blogs are one of the most useful tools for marketing your private gym. Even if you are not delivering content specific to your gym, you can still target your audience through a collection of helpful blog posts.

Through blog posts you can share your knowledge and expertise with a much larger audience. Come up with some summer-specific posts, such as the importance of hydration, refreshing meal options, how to stay healthy on vacation, or even share your 30-day challenge as a blog post.

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8. Hot holiday sales

Holidays aren’t just for the winter months. People will be on the lookout for some hot holiday sales in the summer, too.

Offer holiday training specials so your clients can lock in special pricing when they buy a membership or session package up front.

For example, Labor Day is toward the end of the summer, but offers a great opportunity for package pricing so your clients stick around even after the summer beach body epidemic has ended. Summer holidays are also an excellent time to advertise those family-oriented services mentioned earlier. Parents are off work and kids are out of school. It’s worth it to sacrifice your day off for these holiday opportunities.

9. Give away some summer swag

Who doesn’t love free merchandise? Offer some summer swag such as a water bottles, cooling towels, mister fans, sunglasses, or beach towels with your private gym logo on it. Promotional items are simple, inexpensive, and can be used to incentivize clients or reward clients for referring a friend.

In conclusion

Now that you know how to make your private gym a hot commodity this summer, keep in mind that you can apply many of these marketing tactics to other seasons as well. Marketing your private gym is a year-round effort and should always be focused on providing value to your clients and their lifestyle.