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By now, you and your team may have had some time to implement new policies or ways of doing business in a COVID-19 landscape. Beyond the immediate notices you’ll need to post, there are still opportunities to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Out of necessity, you might even uncover new avenues that could ultimately grow your business.

Over — an easy to use design app for small businesses — will bring your messaging to life simply, and beautifully.


We’ve assembled a collection of templates and graphics specifically for responding to, and engaging with, the current crisis.

All GoDaddy customers can use them and all Over’s premium content, right now, with 90-days free of Over PRO.

“Open for Business” notices

If you’re lucky enough to still be operating, don’t waste any time in letting the public know this. It’s likely that things have changed a bit — new opening hours, delivery schedules, hygiene protocols, and so on — so make these changes clear and concise

open for business example

Special offers

A sale or discount offer might be a good idea to keep things ticking over. Everybody’s having a tough time right now, so any gestures that help lighten the load are likely to be appreciated by consumers.

special offers example

Virtual events

The virtual eventing space has exploded, and considering the much lower price of entry, staging a workshop, concert, party, conference or class online is something that almost anybody can do.

Virtual Events Example

“Buy Now Use Later” vouchers

Think about implementing a voucher system, enticing folks to pay now for services and products they know they’ll be craving soon — like restaurant meals, beauty treatments, or training sessions.

Buy Now Share Later Example

Ideas to support small business

There’s plenty of empathy for small businesses at the moment, and a collective willingness to help out where we can. Foster this “pay it forward” spirit by sharing some ideas on how to get involved.

Support Small Business Example

The sharing of new ideas

Working from home is new to many of us, so we’re all trying to learn new habits and routines. The psychological aspect can be difficult, but sharing our own mechanisms and ideas can make this easier.

Sharing of New Ideas Example

Messages of hope and support

In the midst of so much fear and confusion, add to the chorus of hope and support by making your gratitude and your optimism known to the world.

Messages Hope Support Example

Public awareness

We’re facing a really serious threat to life as we know it, and for the time being, maintaining physical distance and staying home are sacrifices we all need to make for a brighter tomorrow. Be a part of this unified, universal message by making it as widely known as possible.

Public Awareness Example

Activities for kids

Something you could consider offering at this time are ideas to keep kids stimulated, and families engaged.

DIY activities are pure gold right now.


It might not be your core business, but this is the kind of content people are really looking for, and it could lead them to your brand.

Over even has new scene creator kits, to let your kids unleash their inner graphic designer.

Activities for Kids Example

COVID-19 graphic packs and stickers

You can also add some relevance to your existing identity and messaging with a range of COVID-19 graphics — including illustrations, animations, icons, stickers, quotes and frames.

COVID 19 Graphic Packs Example

Get involved with GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand campaign by searching for these graphics in the app. We even have a dedicated “Open We Stand” layout collection — a complete design toolkit for creating a stylish and coherent cross-platform campaign.

Open We Stand Layout Colelction

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