A secure password is essential when building a website


Whether you hired a web developer to build your website or you’re using a site builder to do it yourself, it’s important to keep your account passwords secure.

Use these three basic secure password tips to get started:

Secure PasswordsCreate strong, unique passwords. If you hire a web developer who creates file transfer protocol (FTP) or database passwords for you, make sure you know what they are. Also, make sure the password is complex or a strong password. Strong passwords include numbers, symbols, and both upper and lowercase letters. Do not make it easy to crack the password that safeguards all the files that create your precious website.

Update, update, update. Keep your computer and website software up-to-date, and use an anti-virus program on your computer. Be sure your anti-virus program can scan for malware and also can remove discovered threats. Doing so prevents malware and other online attacks.

End your session. When you’re finished working on your website, log out of your account and close your web browser window. Better to be safe than sorry. You do not want to your secure password revealed because you forgot to log out and close your browser.

Don’t fall prey to hackers. Keep your site safe by preventing security breaches. For more information, check out Fight Back Against Hacks.