About The GoDaddy Garage 

With the global economy shifting toward life-fulfilling ventures, many entrepreneurs face an internal conflict: Do I have what it takes to make my own way? It’s why we established The GoDaddy Garage.

Back in 2014, we launched this blog as more of an experiment — we knew there were lots of opportunities to engage our community. We got to work crafting that content but needed a place to put it. And here we are today, a key driver of our mission to empower a worldwide community of 20+ million customers and entrepreneurs by giving them the help they need to grow online.

What is The GoDaddy Garage?

At its core, The GoDaddy Garage is a place for anyone to find information that brings their online projects to the next level. Maybe you’re ready to take your hobby to a side hustle, or your side hustle to a full-time business.

You might be a WordPress enthusiast who’s ready to start charging for websites. You could be a domain investor keeping tabs on the latest trends in domaining. Even the owner of a full-blow design and development agency can find useful knowledge to keep their business growing.

Here you’ll discover a diversity of topics reflecting all the ways you can succeed online today, whatever stage you’re at on this crazy ride:


Taking those first few steps into your new venture? We’ve got your back with the basics, like setting up must-haves for a launch, or doing that one thing on a checklist.


Nice work getting off to a strong start. Now, keep that momentum going with more advanced tech stuff, as well as strategies for generating leads and scaling operations.


It’s not all peachy. When impostor syndrome creeps in, we’ve got inspiration and motivation to support your continued execution at the highest levels of the game.


We provide timely news and updates relevant to the journey you’re on, keeping you well informed and prepared to make the next move once that moment arrives.


We want you to get the most from our technology. When something new or exciting happens with our products, we’ll explain how it can empower your success.

Who makes content for The GoDaddy Garage?

We’re proud to have developed a reliable network of knowledgeable contributors. Rather than seeking out professional writers, we’ve found individuals who leave and breathe the information they’re sharing. Hey, even if you aren’t a customer, you’ll find empowering insights from our authors:

  • Subject-matter experts — Who better to cover technical stuff than the people who make their living with it? Our SMEs are here to help you overcome the hurdles they’ve already conquered.
  • Featured customers — If you need inspiration (or someone to emulate), we regularly feature customers who faced challenges, found a way through, and today enjoy well-deserved success.
  • GoDaddy employees — When we have news about the company, our products or events, look for someone who works in that sphere to deliver the scoop in plain language, not a sales pitch.
  • Business partners — Sometimes we encounter tech so rad, it needs to be on the blog. Our business partners run down what they created, how it works, and compare it to other solutions,

Do you have knowledge to share?

Remember when you were just getting started? It’s sure nice when someone extends a helping hand. You can do that here, by suggesting content for your peers or someone just starting the path you’re on.

If you’re interested, drop us a line.