Build your brand with a kick-ass logo

That’s logo, not Lego

A business’s logo says a whole lot in one small image. It says that you’re established and reputable — you took the time to brand your business and aren’t going anywhere for a while. Customers look for signs that your business is just that — a business — and a logo says that you put time into building a solid brand. You’re more than just a fly-by-night operation.

A logo also serves as visual shorthand for your business. If your customers see a piece of content on Facebook® or even a letter in the mail embossed with your logo, they know it comes from you and that they can trust it.

Nearly every serious business need a logo, so we’ve put together a few tips for coming up with the best logo for your business:

Do some soul-searching.

To choose a symbol that represents your company, you must first know what image your company is trying to convey to the world. A logo with a cartoon character won’t portray a serious, financial services company in the right light. By the same token, choosing a solemn black and white logo for your children’s toy company might leave your audience with cognitive dissonance between your logo and your products.

Think visually.

Now that you know what image you want your business to convey, think about how to represent that visually. A luxury spa might go with a pampered peacock or a tranquil river to represent relaxation. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. For inspiration, look up others in similar industries and see what images they used in their logos.

Be practical.

Consider the various ways your logo will be printed and used. Keep it simple, without too much detail, so that it can be recognized from a distance, but also printed on a small scale. If you decide to choose a script font for your logo, keep the script copy limited and easy to read.

Hire an expert.

You’re busy running your business. Ask for referrals, check out designer portfolios on reputable online marketplaces, or search for “graphic designer,” logo designer,” or “brand identity designer.” GoDaddy also offers professional logo design services. These professionals will ask you detailed questions about your business and then help you convey your answers visually.

Image by: tin via Compfight cc