Bulk Safe Updates now available in GoDaddy Pro Sites

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Safely update all your WordPress sites in one click

45,169 Safe Updates have been performed since the feature was released in April. Since then, we’ve improved Safe Updates by adding the automatic rollback option. Now we’re back with another feature update: the ability to run Safe Updates in bulk.

What are Safe Updates?

Safe Updates follow a 7-step process that ensures your WordPress core files, plugins, and themes get updated in the most secure way possible.

When you run Safe Updates the following happens:

  1. A restore point is created in case we need to roll back the update.
  2. HTTP requests are sent to your site before the update starts.
  3. A “before” screenshot of your site is taken.
  4. WordPress core, plugin, and theme files are updated.
  5. Another round of HTTP requests checks your website after the update.
  6. An “after update” screenshot is taken of your website.
  7. We show you the “before” and “after update” screenshots to compare.

bulk safe update

What’s the Safe Updates Automatic Rollback feature?

Automatic Rollback fully restores a website to its original state if we detect any type of issue during the update. That means you can run your Safe Updates, leave your computer, grab a coffee, and come back without wondering if something went wrong.

How does it work? When we ping your website, if we get a status code between 400 and 599, will initiate the Automatic Rollback. (You can find more details about setting it up in your dashboard here.)

What are Bulk Safe Updates?

Safe Updates are great, but until now, they didn’t scale. You’d have to run a Safe Update on one site at a time.

Now, when you log into your Pro Sites dashboard, you’ll see the new Safe Updates button in the Updates widget on the Overview tab.

Check off the updates you want to run and hit the Safe Update button. The Updates widget will show you the progress for each website, so you can either carry on performing tasks in Pro Sites, or go about the rest of your day.

bulk safe update

You’ll be notified once the updates have completed. You can then review the before and after screenshots to confirm everything is working, or you can take yourself out for another well-earned coffee. (All those updates are hard work!)

bulk safe update

What is the difference between the regular bulk update and the new bulk Safe Update?

The main advantage of using Safe Updates is that is creates a restore point before the updates begin. That means you have the most recent backup of your website ready for the rollback in case something goes wrong. We also ping your website and take a screenshot just to make sure we have checked everything during the update.

Should you use the visual comparison option when I run Safe Updates in bulk?

It’s completely up to you. The screenshots are a handy, quick way to see if something has gone wrong. The trade-off is that it takes more time to go through each website. (Tip: Visual comparisons are good if you’re updating themes, since design changes are more likely when theme code is updated.)

If something goes wrong, should you use automatic or manual restore?

It depends. Automatic restore is great if you are running Safe Updates in bulk. We’ll spot problem and safely roll the update back. If you are working on a single website, then use the manual rollback for more control.

Do Safe Updates cost extra?

Safe Updates are free, but they can only be enabled if you have Premium Backups enabled on the site. That’s because of the restore point that gets created once you start the update. (When you pay for Premium Backup, you get the Backup, the Clone, and the Safe Update features with it.)

What does the future hold for Safe Updates?

As with all of our Pro Site features we’re making improvements every day. It’s our mission to keep your websites safe and you happy. But, we do need your help, and feedback! Head to the GoDaddy Community and tell us what you think about Safe Updates. Do you like them? Are you already using them? What do you want to see improved? Let us know.

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