Cash in on new financial website addresses

Show me the money (domains)

As you’ve likely already heard, 2014 is the year of the gTLD. Hundreds of new domain extensions are slated to hit the market, allowing for a level of website address personalization never before possible. Now, you can snag a highly descriptive, yet memorably short, online address — a domain that can give your business an edge in that crowded marketplace called the Internet.

Searched “financial services” online lately? How about “investments” or “fund”? There’s no shortage of search results. If you do business in the financial market, it might be tough for people searching for the products or services you offer to easily find your website.

A domain name that ends with a specialized, money-related extension can help your business get found.

If you count, invest, track, or work with money in any way, the new .financial, .fund, .investments, .discount, and .tax domain extensions can show potential customers what you’ve got to offer at a glance. These gTLDs provide a compelling opportunity for financial professionals of all stripes to make a unique statement on the Web.

Shout your niche with .financial

First up on the list is .financial, an extension that intentionally offers a broad umbrella for multiple industries — ranging from banks and analysts to money lenders and even money management bloggers. With a domain name like or, consumers will quickly see where to turn for financial tips or assistance from a wide array of professionals.

Get your fund found with .fund

Short, sweet and effective is an apt way to describe .fund, a domain extension tailored for professionals who deal with private equity, hedge, investments, real estate, and mutual funds. A .fund website address — such as or — makes it simple for potential customers to find portfolio managers, treasurers, charities and more online. Don’t let the four letters fool you, this is a BIG extension with BIG potential!

We love

At-a-glance recognition for brokerages and securities advisors is what the .investments domain extension is all about. Whether you’re investing in companies or commodities, if you’re a broker or a blogger, all things worth investing in belong on a .investments Web address.

Nothing cheap about .discount

Do your prices justice with a .discount domain name. If you offer goods or service at a competitive rate, a .discount domain will speak your bargain-hunting customers’ language. Virtually any business can benefit from branding themselves with a website namethat illustrates that they are in the business of saving their customers money. The same goes for extreme couponers, ad compilers, and deal-seekers — they all can reach interested consumers faster with online names like or After all, who doesn’t want a little extra in their pocket at the end of the day?

Collect your due with .tax

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than the .tax domain extension. Tax attorneys, accountants, analysts, corporate tax advisors, and even tax software companies can make short but powerful statement online with a name ending in .tax. And if you’re in the business of dealing in tax-related info, you can quickly establish your knowledge base and industry-specific expertise with a .tax Web address.

Money, money, money makes the world go ‘round — and financial awareness is a backbone of our way of life. Finance professionals who help millions of people around the world each day can now get the recognition they deserve, and because of the variety of new monetary domain extensions, they can get it in their specific field, too!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to gain quick recognition for the financial products or services you offer, and to distinguish yourself as someone who takes your business (and your customers’ bank accounts) seriously. The perfect website address is just a few clicks away.