December 2017 Pro release notes

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The latest and the greatest from the Pro program

2017 is over, and it’s been a very busy one. As we go into 2018, one of our resolutions is to keep you in the loop about what’s new in the Pro program. That’s why we’re kicking off a monthly collection of Pro program release notes. Enjoy!

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Automatic core WordPress updates

If you’re one of those people who like to cowboy code and update WordPress automatically, we got you covered. We expanded the automatic update feature so you can now schedule WordPress core updates, as well as the plugin & theme updates.

core updates

Stop updates

Ever clicked an update, and regretted it a millisecond later? Luckily, there’s a way to stop it now. When you hover over the progress bar, you’ll now see a small Stop button. It will clear out the update queue. Please note that it will not roll back the update that already started. For that you can use the Safe Update feature.

Toggle search engine visibility

If you’re setting up a staging site, you probably know everything about duplicate content and how it can get you removed from Google search results. Now you can toggle the search engine visibility straight from your Pro Sites dashboard.

Client report delivery receipt

If you’ve set up your client reports to be emailed directly to your clients, you now have a new cool feature: you can request a delivery receipt, so you’d know if the client opened the email.

Envato integration

Envato is more commonly known in the WordPress community as the company behind CodeCanyon and ThemeForest, plugin and theme marketplaces. The great news is that now you can install and update them from your Pro Sites dashboard with just one click. And since most of you have clients with their own Envato accounts, the cool news is that you can connect as many Envato accounts as you need.

envato integration

WooCommerce database updates

WooCommerce updates can be tricky at times – they sometimes require database updates, which is an additional step that’s too easy to overlook. That’s why we included a notification on your Pro Sites dashboard. It lets you know when a database update is pending, and takes you to that website.


Got questions? Need help with some of the features? You can always open a support ticket from your Pro dashboard, or post your question on the community board.