Email content done right: clear layout and copy

Keep it simple

Email content is best kept as clear as possible. Simple, direct wording gets your point across quickly and a clean layout can drive engagement, too.

We’ve rounded up three examples of successful email content from professional email marketers.

Clean and clear message

Take a look at this content from GoDaddy Email Marketing user Timbuk2.

Email Content Golden Ticket

Lizzy Fallows, of Timbuk2’s Marketing and Branding team, says, “Your fans expect and deserve clean and clear messaging. They don’t have much time for lunch let alone your emails, so respect their ever-shrinking attention span and serve them super clean, crystal clear messages. But keep it fun. Clean doesn’t have to be sterile and clear doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. Make your voice heard with brand-specific images and copy in a clean and clear delivery.”

Email Content Sweepstake

“Both emails are visually very clean — they’re easy to scan and comprehend — and they have a very clear call to action — watch this video or enter this sweepstakes respectively. But importantly, they also capture Timbuk2’s spirit. Both emails drove very strong open rates and click through rates, and we believe (we believe!) our customers had fun reading them.”

Include a call to action

Lizzy raises a critical point — make sure to include a ‘call to action.’ These sentences communicate clearly to your reader. They’re not over the top, rather they demonstrate you have a reason for sending an email in the first place! Examples of calls to action are:
  • Sign up
  • Click here
  • Like us
  • Enter the contest
  • Watch our video
  • Visit our homepage

Less copy isn’t less

Claire from also shared an example of clear copy. She advises, “Remember, you are competing with many other emails in a customer’s inbox. If your emails are too complex, the customer can easily make a conscious or unconscious decision to stop opening them all together. To minimize this email fatigue, use as little copy as possible. Only offer the recipient exactly what they need, then drive them to your site to complete the process. This past year we were able to migrate all of our transactional emails to this “copy-light” philosophy. We saw increased click-through across the board.”

Email Content uShip

These emails all have several things in common. They’re single-column, well-branded, to-the-point, playful but purposeful, and make use of white space.

Email content for the win

There are any number of ways to communicate your message, but if you keep the guidelines “clean and clear,” “less is more,” and “include a call to action in mind,” you’ll have direction!

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Image by: crdotx via Compfight cc