Embed video in email to increase CTR

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We often get questions about how to embed video in email, or if it’s possible. The answer is yes! We think it’s really worthwhile for increasing click-through rates (CTR) and is an effective email marketing tool.

Is it worth it?


Embedding video in your emails can reinvigorate your content. It’s an alternative to standard, static images. Are you sharing a story with your subscribers that would be enhanced with video footage? (From your most recent company event? Or the play by play of a recipe gone right or wrong?) As long as it’s well-edited and relevant, consider adding a video to your next email newsletter.

Shortcodes for videos don’t inbox universally, yet.


Rather, try a .jpg image of the video linked to the URL of the hosted video. It will inbox successfully across email clients.

Embed video in email to spark engagement

The top benefit of using video in email marketing — according to U.S. marketing executives polled in February 2013 by The Relevancy Group — is increased click-through rates. An overwhelming 55% of marketing executives said increased click-throughs was a benefit.

Engagement is always a priority when it comes to your email newsletters. This means almost all customers ask, in one way or another, “How can I get more people to open my email and click on my links?” If you’re still looking for ways to keep it fresh for your readers, embedded video is one to add to your list.

Wrap it up

We all know pictures are invaluable for your email newsletters. They engage and tell. Take it a step further by including videos within your newsletter content, and monitor your click-through rate to see if you experience an increase. Just remember: pictures and videos are great, but make sure your content is engaging, too. Happy readers make for higher engagement!

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Image by: EkpLo via Compfight cc