Entrepreneurs of tomorrow inspire at TEDxWarwick 2015

Ideas worth sharing

The GoDaddy UK team recently enjoyed an experience I can best describe as intense, loud, captivating, engaging, inspiring — and above all, fun — when we participated in TEDxWarwick, the biggest student-led TEDx conference in Europe. More than a thousand people attended the event at the University of Warwick Arts Centre, many of them the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, students looking to start their own companies and change the world.

GoDaddy UK team at TEDxWarwick

As the TED slogan goes, it’s all about ideas worth sharing. As a company that loves helping our customers bring their ideas to life, we were delighted to support an event filled to the brim with ideas. A marathon of inspirational speakers from all over the world shared their thoughts, united by the main theme of “Anthropocene” — the era in Earth’s history dominated by mankind.

TEDxWarwick brought together speakers whose ideas could have an everlasting global impact, whose contributions to mankind positively influence local and international communities.

As such, we heard about diverse subjects, including the power of singing, food-waste utilization, and behavioral design of smart devices.

I was especially inspired by Jo Farrell, an award-winning black-and-white photographer whose works focus on traditions and cultures that are dying out. On her website, livinghistory.photography, Jo has devoted the past eight years to documenting and celebrating the last remaining women in China with bound feet.

Jo Farrell, right, uses her photography to focus on dying traditions and cultures.
Jo Farrell, right, uses her photography to focus on dying traditions and cultures.

HauertAnother speaker who blew my mind was Dr. Sabine Hauert, a swarm engineer at the University of Bristol, where she designs swarms of nanobots for biomedical applications. Sabine has designed nanoparticles for cancer treatment at MIT and launched large aerial swarms at EPFL. Sabine and her colleagues have revolutionized nanoparticle behavior programming by engaging the global community in a crowdsourcing online game called NanoDoc. It sounds complex, but Nanodoc is a highly addictive problem-solving game that is attracting thousands of people worldwide to learn about nanoscience, help combat cancer, and have fun doing it. Bam!

There were many other inspiring speakers at TEDxWarwick last week, and I encourage you to visit the site to explore further. For now, we’d like to thank the 32-strong TEDxWarwick team for organizing such a fantastic event and inviting GoDaddy to join in. Until next year!


Nadya Frost
Nadya works at GoDaddy’s London HQ looking after our small business customers in the UK and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Making sure that local customers get the best GoDaddy products tailored to their needs and wants is her driving passion. Prior to joining GoDaddy, Nadya spent six years in the domains industry at Telnic and Afternic providers. Outside work Nadya is balancing a busy urban lifestyle with pottering about in the garden. Food, wine and roses are her not-so-secret afflictions. Connect with Nadya on LinkedIn.