Be epic with a .fail website address


We’ve all seen those videos — the ones with skateboarders beefing it face-first down a flight of stairs, “adventurous” types towing a full shopping cart behind their four-wheeler down a dirt road, and practical jokers taking advantage of every opportunity to prank their friends. Let’s face it, watching people epically fail is one of those things that never gets old.

From the classic America’s Funniest Home Videos to the modern and scandalous Jackass empire, people can’t get enough of our blunders – so what better way to exploit our friends and family than by taking after our idols and posting our own videos? And why not do it with a website name that speaks for itself?

Enter the world of .fail, where you can showcase all that stuff that didn’t quite work out for the amusement of everyone watching.

An infallible partnership: .fail and .wtf

The Jackass franchise’s Steve-O seems to be the King of Fail when it comes to the unfortunate situations that leave everyone else in stitches — or asking, .wtf? The new .fail and .wtf domain extensions go hand-in-hand, a perfect pair for posting pics, videos and commentary on a website with a name so descriptive it won’t leave anyone guessing.

Think of your favorite .fail video – when you discovered it, did you share it with all of your friends? Or what about that .wtf Facebook® post — the one where consumers are suddenly claiming you stay away from mainstream shampoo products because they are secretly littered with insects that will embed in your skin? (You’ll find more than one gruesome picture on your newsfeed).

More than likely, you weren’t the only one who found yourself muttering the apropos phrase, “wtf.” There are hundreds of sites that capitalize on that very reaction — even more that exploit the accidental (or not so accidental) clumsy nature of innocent (again, perhaps not so innocent) bystanders.

Get a descriptive website address

Now that you’ve accumulated a plethora of videos and images, it’s time to share with more than just your friends. Start branching out — and the first thing to do is to secure a domain name that says everything about your site without leaving it up to speculation. Post the worst of the worst biffs and scorpions (you know the pose, the one where the guy lands so hard on his face his feet spring above his head like a scorpion tail) on a site with an address like – because other domain extensions don’t quite capture the instantaneous reaction you’re looking for.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll generate enough hype to boost your SEO ranking on Google® and one day be featured on Ridiculousness, where your video or .wtf moment will steal the show.

All I know is, whenever I need to remind myself that my stubbed toe ain’t so bad, I search for the mindless laughter of a real blunder that makes my chipped toenail seem like a walk in the park. Don’t find yourself committing a .fail moment by passing up the opportunity to enrich our lives with the humor that comes with human nature. If you do, you might leave us saying, .wtf?

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Image by: august allen via Compfight cc