Use the Facebook sign up form to grow your newsletter subscribers

Line up to sign up

There are lots of ways to integrate GoDaddy Email Marketing with Facebook … not the least of which is a Facebook sign up form. Check it out:

Facebook Sign up Form Sample

With the Facebook Sign up add-on, you can publish an email sign up form directly to your Facebook business page — making it simpler than ever to grow your email subscribers directly through Facebook. Read below for three ways this social media marketing tool benefits your email campaigns.

Newsletter as extension of the social experience

Fans, friends and followers can subscribe to your emails, without ever leaving Facebook. So, your newsletter becomes a part of your social media marketing strategy. When you embed your form in Facebook, it retains the style that you create in GoDaddy Email Marketing. This extends your branding, seamlessly, from the social to email marketing channels.

Turn online conversations into subscriptions

While engaging with your Facebook community, having a readily accessible sign up form offers an opportunity to encourage subscriptions. If followers want to know about the latest news, special deals, or just stay in touch, point them to the Email Sign up tab, right there on your Facebook page.

Facebook-focused contests and giveaways

Because your GoDaddy Email Marketing sign up forms can link to a specific list in your subscribers, you can use the form to run special email promotions for new Facebook subscribers, only. This grows awareness of both elements of your marketing strategy, giving each content source greater impact. Your fans and readers only benefit from the mutual growth!

GoDaddy Email Marketing list management tools also make it easy to track sign ups from a specific source, and time period.


So it’s simple to segment your Facebook contacts from the rest of your sign-ups, resulting in painless contest management.

Ready to get started with your Facebook sign up form?

There are two steps to getting your sign up forms on Facebook. The first, of course, is to create your sign up form! Then activate your Facebook Sign up integration in your GoDaddy Email Marketing account, under Add-ons. Get all the details and instructions here.

Image by: ButterflySha via / CC BY