Free real estate WordPress themes that are move-in ready

These websites are no joke

Designing a website is easy with these free real estate WordPress themes featuring panoramic views and located within easy clicking distance of a helpful community. The floor plans include several different color variations, with plenty of room for expansion, additional plugins — there’s even a blog in the backyard! It’s perfect for a real estate agent just starting out, with lots of space to add on as your needs grow and change.

Why WordPress is great for real estate agents

A good WordPress theme is important for any real estate agent who wants to make a good impression with their website. And free real estate WordPress themes — that’s even better! I like WordPress as a content management system for real estate agents for a number of reasons:

  1. The best free real estate WordPress themes feature big, beautiful photos. You know how important it is to be able to see the details of a house, so your WordPress theme needs to allow that.
  2. They include a blog where you can write about the neighborhoods in the areas you service, share helpful articles for buyers and sellers and even feature select houses.
  3. They let you install a Google Maps module to show the locations of your various listings.
  4. They integrate with social media, so you can share information via Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Some feature a photo slide deck, enabling you to showcase the best homes in your portfolio, easily swapping them out as they sell.
  6. You can upload videos, audio files and even PDFs for download. This also includes any walking tour videos and 360-degree photos you might want to include.
  7. You can customize them any way you want, with the right kinds of colors, layout and pages that will suit your own agency.
  8. They have a responsive design which means your website will look good and work well on mobile phones and tablets. If your website doesn’t look good on a mobile device, you can get dinged by Google’s search algorithms. You don’t want this.
  9. They are fairly easy to maintain, and there’s a community of developers who are available to help.
  10. WordPress is open source, which means you’re not held captive if you and your web designer ever break up.

Thirsty for more best practices? Read Better Homes and Gardens’ post, “5 Features Every Real Estate Website Needs.”

WordPress is a DIY dream

Ultimately, a WordPress website is easy to update whenever you have new listings, articles, and information — without paying a web designer every time you need a single change.

Imagine having to pay your web designer $50 per hour every time you wanted to add a new listing, or make price changes or add new articles about your neighborhood.

A custom website built by a web designer or developer might be cost-prohibitive for a real estate agent whose website constantly needs to change. So why not do these things yourself with a WordPress website? In some cases, it’s even possible to make these changes from your phone.

Using a free real estate WordPress theme could save you hundreds of dollars, if not a few thousand, in design costs.

If you don’t feel comfortable building the site yourself, that’s when you hire a WordPress expert to do it. They can install a theme and make sure it meets your expectations in less than an hour, as opposed to 10 to 20 hours of design work (at about $50 per hour). Just find a suitable theme through one of the links below, and then tell the designer how to find it.

Prefer a hands-off approach to technical details like regular updates and security patches? Try GoDaddy Managed WordPress — it’s the easiest way to build a WordPress website yourself.

Top options for free real estate WordPress themes

While many real estate WordPress themes are premium (paid), there are a few free ones out there if you know where to look.


Cabana WordPress Theme Preview
Cabana features huge photos and a slider to showcase your best properties.

Cabana from includes a slider/slide deck theme that lets you showcase various homes, Google Maps shortcode and responsive web design (which means it’s mobile friendly). Its horizontal orientation makes it perfect for wide panorama and landscape photos. Includes social media integration.


Interon WordPress Themes Preview
Interon is designed to be search engine-friendly — a big plus.

Another theme from, Interon’s chic good looks make it ideally suited for showing off luxury houses and condos. Interon includes a slider, responsive web design, and social media integration. It’s SEO friendly too, so it can help you boost your website’s search rankings. (In fact, all of the SMThemes share the same features, so you can’t go wrong choosing any of them.)


Relic WordPress Themes Preview
Relic can be upgraded to a paid version if and when you need more features.

Relic is a free real estate theme that’s SEO-friendly, mobile friendly and even offers a photo gallery so you can include multiple photos for a listing. And Relic is available as both a free and premium (paid) theme for additional functionality.


Avenue WordPress Theme Preview
Avenue makes it easy for home buyers to search for homes by price, size and more.

This four-star theme allows your site visitors to search for houses based on price, size, and number of bedrooms via a Browse Listings feature (and your MLS subscription). Features like these are usually found in premium themes, but Avenue is a free theme, so that’s pretty impressive.

Get your business off to a great start

If you’re just starting out with your own real estate agency, free real estate WordPress themes are a good choice for a new website. You can use the money you save here for things like licenses, business cards, and advertising.

But don’t ignore the premium (paid) themes. For less than $100 (and in many cases, less than $50), you can find some nice-looking real estate themes that are fully optimized and ready to install on your WordPress website.

And if you want to go one step further, consider adding IDX integration to display MLS data on your website. With WordPress IDX plugins, it’s fast and easy to accomplish.

Erik Deckers
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