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Answering questions from the community

Editor’s note: The following article is curated from the GoDaddy community. We’ve made some light edits for formatting and clarity. Looking for help with GoDaddy products or getting your business online? Join the community to get answers from other GoDaddy customers

During a recent community AMA (ask me anything) we had terrific questions submitted by users. The GoCentral team answered many of the questions and also took your feedback/suggestions back to the team. The below is a recap of the questions and answers from the session, plus questions and answers pulled from other community discussions.

Any plans for more menu flexibility — more across and drop-downs for subs?

Great question! Different header layouts are able to show different numbers of navigation items. We definitely hear the requests from customers who have more pages that they are looking for more functionality/flexibility on how the navigation bar is shown.

We’re looking into doing this and it’s in the design phase at the moment (likely a couple of months out). In the meantime, you can always add more sections (up to 20) on each page as well, which should give a lot of additional flexibility.

Why doesn’t GoCentral have a simple text editor?

We are currently working on adding an inline rich text editor which will be accessible directly on the site preview itself in the editor. Let me know if this answered your question, but hoping this will help!

How do we delete unwanted images from our GoCentral website?

We just added the feature for you to delete your uploaded images.You can tap on the image, go to “my images” and now you are able to select and delete it (tap the trash can).

How do you add an iFrame code to my home page on GoCentral? There doesn’t seem to be any way to add customized HTML.

Currently we don’t have iFrame support as it usually breaks people’s websites, it’s not mobile friendly, and it’s bad for SEO. We are introducing 3rd party plugins, though, such as SoundCloud, YouTube and RSS feeds.

We’d love to hear the needs for iFrames or 3rd party code so we can figure out what to support next.

Is there a way to add a header onto pages other than the home page?

Currently only the homepage has a header, and your feedback is helping.

We’ll add the ability to add more prominent titles and h1 tags on the other pages in the future. We’ll also fix the error issue, thanks for pointing it out.

How do you add Google Adsense using GoCentral?

You can easily add Google Adsense by going to the site settings in editor (hamburger menu > settings) and tap on “Display Ads”. Hope that helps!

Are there plans to add the ability to include header scripts like what is necessary to get your site verified by Google?

We do plan to enable scripts as we hear those requests coming from more people. In general, our approach is to try to avoid having our primarily novice users worry about HTML or scripts, especially since that can open up security vulnerabilities, hurt performance, and affect SEO (our previous Website Builder products allowed it and we saw lots of issues).

For Google verification, there are methods that don’t require adding scripts to the header. We also do automatically create the sitemap xml from the Search Engine Optimization flow.

How do I optimize my pages for SEO purposes? I need to drive more traffic to my website.

GoCentral SEO is designed exactly for this purpose. From the “Marketing” menu, choose SEO, and you will be guided through an intuitive wizard that will provide you with keyword suggestions, and enable the right changes for your website. You can even check later on for your website rankings.

What new features has GoCentral introduced since launching?

Many customers have been asking “what’s new” with GoCentral since it launched a few months ago. Please see the below list for recent updates (and certainly more to come).

1. Update the look and feel of your site with new styles, designs and layouts

  • Support for a new theme called Slate – a slick-looking dark theme
  • You can now add links to content you have in your header section
  • We now support a new video layout where you can showcase a description on the side
  • Improved the fit of the image in the header section. We now a provide a toggle that shrinks their header image to fit entirely within the screen, keeping the original aspect ratio and adding a blurred background effect to fill the gutters.
  • Support for a background color in the header section – You can click a color option to change the way color is applied to their header. Click on the Header ‘Layouts’ tab to see the color choices of black, white, or their primary color.
  • A new layout for downloading files
  • Ability to add multiple Menus, File Download, and Social widgets per page (previously this was restricted to 1 per page)
  • Support for an expanded contact form that allows you to add 3 more fields, rearrange, set as required, or remove fields.
  • Add a favicon to your GoCentral Site

2. Support for new types of content and monetization

  • Stream music via our new Music Audio Player (via SoundCloud)
  • Monetize your site for Google Adsense
  • Support for blog posts via RSS feed

3. Support for additional photo gallery improvements

  • A new photo gallery layout, Pinterest masonry style, that’s good for vertical photos.
  • Lightbox (full screen preview) for images on gallery
  • Support for Photo gallery thumbnails

4. Additional features on GoCentral Online Store

  • Support for Apple Pay on Checkout, Product Detail Pages, and Cart
  • Product Search on storefronts
  • Support for 150 store categories

Is it possible to change a Website Builder (GoCentral) account to GoDaddy’s old Business Website Builder v7?

Yes, you should be able to call support and downgrade to Website Builder 7. This is not recommended, however, as GoCentral (previously vNext) is designed to build sites that look great on any device size.

Roughly 60% of traffic that goes to Website Builder 7 and GoCentral sites come from mobile devices, and GoCentral builds websites optimized for these use cases. Website Builder 7, while it builds a mobile layout, is not designed to handle all of the different device sizes that have proliferated over the last few years.

How do I change the theme – i.e. pick another from the gallery presented at setup?

GoCentral does away with the old concept of “themes” in favor of “styles” and “layouts”. Whereas in Website Builder 7, you chose a theme and were stuck with it (indeed, if you decided to change your theme, you would be starting over), GoCentral is designed to allow you to change the look of your site, any time you want, without losing your content.

To do this, click the “Theme” button at the top of the edit menu, and you can change colors and fonts. To change the layout of the different sections of your site, go to “Edit” mode and click one of the sections, followed by the “Layout” button, and then choose one of the styles. Viola! A new theme, without losing your content. You can mix and match any combination of layouts in each section of the site.

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