Desert Code Camp 2014

I am the lizard king

This coming Saturday, April 5, 2014, GoDaddy’s Mike McLane and Joe Crim will be presenting at Desert Code Camp 2014.1 on the topic of Visualizing Web Page Serve Performance Using WebRockit.

WebRockit uses a headless web browser to measure how fast web pages load, relative to what a real user might experience. WebRockit also captures interesting metrics about the page load (time to first byte, number of assets, size of response, time to onDomReady, etc) and can draw time-series graphs using that data. WebRockit combines the scalability of Sensu, the accessibility of Graphite, and is backed by the reliability of WebKit (PhantomJS). In this session, Mike and Joe will describe why measuring page serve performance is important, describe the components of the WebRockit stack, show off the dashboard, and cover the basics of the API.

WebRockit is MIT licensed and all of the source is publicly available on github.

If you’re in Chandler, Arizona this weekend, check it out!