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Boost is a FREE, light-weight Content Delivery Network (CDN) that focuses on distributing a sites static assets around the world

Imagine you’ve spent weeks bringing your idea to life on WordPress. Or, if developing and designing WordPress-based sites is your full-time gig, imagine you’ve been working with your client to deliver the perfect site for their business. 

You’ve decided on a theme, added items to the online store, spent the time to ensure your content reflects the business, and made sure the functionality of the site is successful. Now, after your site has been published, your customers go to check it out, only to tell you that the site isn’t working or taking too long to open.

Just like that, you are now presented with the very real challenge of a site that is not performant. I can tell you from experience having owned and run an Agency in my earlier years, nothing takes away from all the hard-work that went into creating a site than a customer that can’t appreciate the hard-work because of a non-performant site. It’s a real challenge, not just for you and me, but for the 20,000+ websites published daily. 

Let’s face it, slow websites stink. In the best of scenarios, they make you wait a few seconds as you impatiently flip between different tabs or aps. Worst case, they make the entire site inaccessible and worse yet, they lose you a potential customer/visitor. . Slow load times aren’t just inconvenient, they are costly

It’s because of this that we’re leaning into the problem. 

We believe that our customers have a reasonable expectation of certain features, and performance is one of those. They shouldn’t be forced to integrate third-party networks that complicate their configurations and add complexity to their deployments. It’s why we’re extremely happy to do just that. 

We are happy to announce Boost on our Managed WordPress platform. 

Boost is a FREE, light-weight Content Delivery Network (CDN) that focuses on distributing a sites static assets around the world. What makes this especially valuable to you is that it’s a seamless integration, which translates to not having to install or configure any additional services.  

Faster load times with Boost

A standard website hosting server will deliver websites from one single location, anywhere around the world. This process means that all of the visitors to your site will access the same server in whatever country it is based, which can cause delays in relaying the information. High volume traffic or hardware failures can also cause downtime for your website. 

Boost leverages Sucuri’s CDN technology to distribute your assets around the world, making them more accessible on request (i.e., the static content does not have to make the full roundtrip when requested because it’s cached closer to the requestor). Assets include things like images, CSS, JavaScript any other static files that exist inside of /wp-content and /wp-includes. 

Boost is not a full-site CDN. It is, however, built on the same anycast network, which allows the distribution of the static assets to our dozen Points of Presence (POP) around the world. This dramatically reduces the total time it takes for your site to render around the world which translates to it loading faster, and your users having a more delightful experience. What makes it especially exciting is that it’s based on our own technology, removing dependencies on third-party partners and networks. This translates to improved network performance and better support services when you need it most.  

In a study by DoubleClick, Google found that 53% of mobile sites were abandoned if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load. The same study showed that if a site loaded within 5 seconds it had 70% longer sessions, 35% lower bounce rates and 25% higher viewability.  Other findings suggest that for every three seconds there’s a delay in page loads, there’s a 48% decrease in customer satisfaction, 40% of customers leave, and you’ll see 33% fewer page views. The message is clear, having a performant site is important to the success of your venture.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress now includes Boost

With more than 10 million hosted sites, we are the leading web hosting provider, offering basic web hosting you can trust and with industry-leading load times. 

GoDaddy plans offer a streamlined, optimized hosting platform for building and hosting WordPress sites. This platform is the world’s largest paid managed WordPress product and the entire hosting environment is built around making your WordPress sites run faster and more securely.

We understand the tools you need to be successful. Managed WordPress is a one-stop shop for handling basic hosting administrative tasks, such as installing WordPress, automated daily backups, WordPress core updates, and server-level caching. Managed WordPress automates these setup tasks and saves you more than 3 hours a month on every site you manage. 

9 out of 10 website visitors will switch to a competitor’s website if the company’s website fails to load

Additional research found that 9 out of 10 website visitors will switch to a competitor’s website if the company’s website fails to load. For this reason, we boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means sites are up and running with no downtime. We also offer 24/7/365 WordPress Hosting Support to help answer technical questions and provide site-related advice.

Managed WordPress isn’t just for pros, it’s for the everyday developer. That’s why we offer a variety of WordPress plans to meet your specific needs, including Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Pro 5+

Each Managed WordPress Hosting Plan from GoDaddy includes the following: 

  • 99.9% uptime promise and money-back guarantee 
  • Free 24/7 support
  • CDN Boost for up to 50% faster load time
  • Automatic WordPress core software and security updates
  • One-click migration tool
  • Access to thousands of free themes and plugins
  • Latest version of PHP 7
  • SFTP access (Deluxe and Ultimate plans)
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 email for one year with the purchase of annual plan 
  • Temporary domain name


To view the full list of inclusions for each plan, read more about Managed WordPress

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Tony Perez
Tony Perez is the General Manager and Vice President of GoDaddy’s Security Product Group. He is responsible for managing GoDaddy Website Security, Sucuri, and Media Temple Security brands. Tony leads a diverse and global team spanning over 20 countries — from sales agents to software engineers. As a two-time business founder, Tony combines his understanding of the needs and concerns of small businesses with his expertise in cyber security products and services. Previously, Tony was the Vice President of Product Management for Sucuri under GoDaddy, Co-Founder, CEO and COO of Sucuri Inc., Co-Founder and COO of CubicTwo LLC, and served as a U.S. Marine.