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Our weekly GoDaddy Pro Newsletter goes out every Monday morning with special announcements and a recap of the latest blog posts written for web designers and developers. I also sneak in a little recommendation at the end. It’s usually interesting news or a helpful resource that caught my eye during the previous week.

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If you’re not already subscribed to the newsletter, you’ve been missing out. (Sorry about that.) But, considering the time of year, I thought it’d be nice to put together a little list and look back on everything that’s been shared since January.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Design resources

If you’re searching for a new library of free icons to use, take look at IconBros. It’s a growing collection of 375+ icons available in SVG and PNG format.

If you’re in need of another icon library for your website designs, check out Feather. It’s a simply beautiful collection of open source icons.

Looking for another source of free fonts? Check out The League of Moveable Type. In their words, “All our fonts are free to use however and wherever you need, to build on and learn from.”

Struggling to choose the right fonts for your latest site design? Find inspiration with and Typewolf, two ever-growing libraries of font pairings.

GoDaddy Pro Newsletter Fontjoy

Fontjoy makes it easy to find perfect font pairings (e.g., for headings and body text). Use their companion app Colormind to generate color schemes.

Want to improve your typography skills? Check out the Five Minute Guide to Better Typography.

In need of some color inspiration for a new project? Check out Design Seeds, a blog that catalogues beautiful imagery and corresponding color swatches.


These UX Flowchart Cards are an excellent addition to any in-person website planning workshop. Each card represents a mini-wireframe of a webpage. Use them to jumpstart your next site design or UX flow.

Unsplash is a massive image library full of 100-percent free, high-res, use-it-for-anything, creative-commons-licensed work from a global community of photographers. Unsplash 5.0 adds profile following, push notifications, a blog-like “stories” feature, improved performance, and new Unsplash Local meetups. Kudos to the Unsplash team for transforming a neat Tumblr project into a successful standalone product and community.

Development resources

GoDaddy Pro Newsletter CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper is a free Chrome extension for inspecting elements, analyzing color palettes, and extracting assets from web pages. It’s like a cleaner, purpose-built version of your native browser developer tools. Handy for front-end developers and designers.

Need to give your call-to-action buttons a bit more oomph? bttn.css is a lightweight collection of CSS helper classes for button styling and animation.

For your consideration: “The 100 percent correct way to do CSS breakpoints” makes a strong case for handling CSS breakpoints in a sensible, future-friendly manner.

NYC-based digital product studio Postlight has released a headless WordPress + React Starter Kit. Grab your copy on GitHub and take it for a spin.

If you need a pre-launch checklist for your web projects, here’s one to fork from: Belgium-based web agency Spatie has open sourced theirs on Github.

New to using Bash for WordPress development? Check out this great introductory guide from Tom McFarlin to learn what a bash_profile is and how to manage it.

Plugins for Beginners is a new online course teaching you how to build WordPress plugins from scratch.


Here’s a handy guide to using Google Sheets as a basic web scraper. Ben Collins, Spreadsheet Developer, Data Consultant & Data Analytics instructor says, “Turns out, basic web scraping, automatically grabbing data from websites, is possible right in your Google Sheet, without needing to write any code.”

Building an eCommerce website? Bookmark this implementation guide for Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics. The rich data and insights are worth the setup time.

GoDaddy Pro Newsletter iThemes SecurityIf you’re using the iThemes Security plugin to secure your WordPress sites, take a look at their recently released settings checklist. It’s a helpful resource for making sure you’re configuring iThemes Security properly.

If you’re looking for more in-depth developer tutorials, Scotch has you covered. Their recently-revamped site includes video courses, written tutorials, and a bustling community blog.

Content and search engine optimization (SEO)

Rewindinding to the start of the year: Here’s how to craft a remarkable SEO strategy for 2017.

There’s a lot in common between creating content and crafting code. From “The following captures the most notable content concepts that are analogous to programming.”

If you’re working on search engine optimization for your clients, Point Blank SEO’s massive list of link building tactics is worth bookmarking.

Only have a limited amount of time to work on SEO each week? Try following this advice from the experts at Moz.


Working with a local brick n’ mortar business? Bookmark the Local SEO Checklist and review it before the site goes live.

By pulling Search Console and Google Analytics data into Google Sheets, you can see a correlation between the keywords you rank for and the pages that attract organic search traffic. Sound good? Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do it. (Don’t forget to read the comments!)

Struggling to make sense of Google Analytics data? Check out “A Marketer’s Guide to Google Analytics Dashboards” from the one and only Annie Cushing.

Other useful tools and resources

Annie Cushing’s Must-Have Tools is an immaculately curated directory of tools and resources for web professionals. The best part is that it’s all contained within a single Google Sheets.

GoDaddy Pro Newsletter Remote Starter KitWorking remotely? The Remote Starter Kit by Hanno is a collection of handy tools and resources for managing and working with a remote team.

According to Free, Fee or Flee, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a project is worth doing or if a client is just taking advantage of your eagerness to work.” Use this tool to figure out if you should work for free, charge a fee, or flee for the hills.

If you’re a fan of using markdown for writing, consider bookmarking this Markdown Cheatsheet from Adam Pritchard. It’s comprehensive without being exhaustive.

Thoughtful reads

In Praise of the Home Office” is a thoughtful and almost poetic narrative on the experience of working from home. As an author and award-winning journalist, “Mike Sager has spent the last 40 years plying his craft from his home office, working away on a 63-year-old desk that used to belong to his father.”

Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. Suzanne Scacca says, “If you want to be the one to deliver those high-end results, then you’ll need to focus on playing to your strengths and be comfortable entrusting everything else to others.”

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report is always an enlightening read. Highlights for 2017 include the decline in global smartphone sales; a growing use of voice in online searches; wearables going mainstream in the U.S.; and India’s internet usage is increasing rapidly.

Stuck on a problem? Martin Brennan, Customer Support Lead from Intercom, says, “Take 15 minutes to solve the problem any way you can. However, if you don’t have an answer after 15 minutes, you must ask someone.” Read the rest of the article, “Learn the value of self-sufficiency by following the 15 Minute Rule.”

GoDaddy Pro Newsletter ManageWP

From our colleagues at ManageWP: A step-by-step breakdown of how to create a monthly maintenance plan for your WordPress websites.

While you might remember Microsoft FrontPage for its less-than-stellar HTML output, it was created for a noble purpose: To give everyone the means to publish online. Here’s the origin story, courtesy of Tedium.

WordPress news

Designer Michelle Schulp updated her longstanding (and super-useful) visualization of the WordPress template hierarchy. View the redesign on her blog and check out the interactive version from WPShout.

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress, and the 2.0 release introduced a radical overhaul of the editor experience. Check out their September update for more details.

We launched a new GoDaddy Reseller Store plugin for WordPress. You can grab it now from the plugin directory. “You can import your product catalog, complete with your pricing, preferred currency and language. You can also use key features like domain search and cart widgets.”

Caldera Learn, launched by the team at Caldera Forms, helps level up your WordPress dev skills. Two free courses already launched: what JS frameworks to use with the REST API, and learn every route in the REST API.

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Image by: Roman Kraft on Unsplash