GoDaddy Pro October roundup

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Two new features and five feature improvements in October!

Here is the latest on GoDaddy Pro updates. If you missed last month’s catch up, check it out here.

New feature releases

Bulk Add Websites

At the beginning of the month, we released Bulk Add Websites, making it easy for you to add multiple websites to Pro Sites at once. You can now choose between being able to upload all websites using website URL or to import them from a CSV file. You can do all of this by going to the “Add Website” screen.

Additionally, getting websites hosted on GoDaddy into your Pro Sites dashboard is ridiculously easy: you automatically get a list of all your websites, and with some server side magic you can add them without having to type a single URL.

Ticketing Redesign

We also redesigned our Ticketing Tool, changing the flow of how you manage your conversation with our Customer Happiness Team. We added the a few helpful improvements.

  • Thread view – having the ability to track entire conversations
  • Drafts – saved draft of your tickets before sending
  • Status tags – tags that let you know exactly at what stage we are in handling your tickets

You can now also reply to your tickets directly from your dashboard!

Feature improvements

Client Report

We added an improvement to our Client Report feature, now you are able to see in Client Report history if and when your client opened their Client Report email.

Another tweak was made to our Client Reports, on the Client tab. You can now see the company name displayed under client name. You can also filter and search clients by company.

Client Report is now available in 28 languages. When creating a Client Report or a Client Report template just select your preferred language from the dropdown list. Here are the latest languages we added, don’t forget to make suggestions for our next batch of languages.

Performance Check

We added a new hover feature to our Performance Check in the Services Widget, when you hover over a website you will be able to see the performance stats.

SEO tool

We have added additional remove options to the SEO tool. You are now able to select multiple keywords or select all keywords and remove them in one go.

Safe Updates

You are now able to add a custom URL to your screenshot comparison when running Safe Updates. To do this, go to website settings (either on single site dashboard or by clicking on the wrench icon in the “Websites view”) and under “Safe Update” there is a new URL field.


The “exclude field” in your Pro Sites backups wasn’t as intuitive as it should have been. For this reason, we have slightly re-designed how “excluding files/folders” works to avoid unintentional excludes. Instead of just clicking on the file to be excluded, you will be shown all the files you have selected to be excluded (with an option to remove some or all of them from the list) in the confirmation dialog. More about how to set up our incremental Cloud Backups is here.

Stay on top of updates

To make sure you are not missing any updates or improvements follow our Change Log, as we update it each time we release something. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you go to your dashboard, click on your name, and in the drop down you will see it.

Have a feature suggestion or you want to chat to us about an idea, join our Community Forum and share!

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