Grab tax clients’ attention with a specialized website address

It’s an accountant’s domain

Whether we own a business or work for someone else, there’s one recurring occasion we must all prepare for – tax time. But let’s be real: most of us everyday folks aren’t experts in the fine art of taxation. That’s why we have you, the tax-time guru. And where do many of us turn to find local tax and accounting help? The Internet, of course.

At least 85 percent of Americans use the Web to connect with local businesses, including pros who specialize in accounting and tax preparation. However, we can get lost in a sea of search results.

As an accountant, tax preparer, tax attorney or other tax pro, you’ll have a better chance of catching our attention online with a website address that ends in a new .tax or .accountants domain name.

These industry-specific generic top-level domains (gTLDs) make it easier than ever to get a short, memorable website address that truly represents who you are and what you do. With a web address such as or, we’ll know at a glance that you can help us navigate that complex world of taxation.

Stand out from the crowd

With more than 100 billion global searches being made each month, we have to find what we’re looking for fast. Otherwise, we’re on our way! With a standout .tax or .accountants domain extension, you’ll have better luck at grabbing our attention online. Think of a custom website address that ends in .tax or .accountants as a unique identifier — like a marquis for your business on the Web.

Scream credibility

Seeing .tax or .accountants at the end of a website address is just like seeing “CPA” after an accountant’s name. It boosts our confidence in your know-how. Even before we click through to your website, we expect that you’re an expert.

But I’ve already got a .com

Already have a website ending in .com? Great! A strong .com domain name (which isn’t so easy to snag, considering there are more than 112 million of the domains registered) is a solid investment. Still, consider picking up a .tax or .accountants version of your domain name. This is an effective strategy for protecting your brand, and it’s simple to direct those subdomains to your primary website.