Holiday email marketing ideas for real estate agents

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The holiday season offers an ideal opportunity for real estate agents to forge stronger connections with clients and prospects. How? By getting creative with holiday email marketing ideas.

10 holiday email marketing ideas

Remember, your emails don’t always have to be related to real estate. They can be about any topic that might pique clients’ interests — and keep you fresh in their minds. So, fire up your favorite email marketing application and get comfortable. Here are some holiday email marketing ideas than might spread cheer to your clients and prospects … and warm up your leads in the process.

  1. Holiday preview sale.

  2. Holiday gift guide.

  3. Voting on images and videos.

  4. Black Friday offer.

  5. Cyber Monday offer.

  6. End-of-year update.

  7. Holiday event.

  8. Holiday photo contest.

  9. Personal holiday memory.

  10. Current listings.

Let’s take a closer look at each idea.

1. Holiday preview sale

It’s never too early to begin your holiday email marketing, so why not offer clients a holiday preview sale? Basically, show them the types of listings that are coming up in the new year. Get them excited about starting the new year in a brand-new home, and then show some of the available homes.

Tailor emails for each recipient, and only send listings for homes you know would interest them. In the midst of this holiday preview, make sure that you offer an easy and convenient way for new users to get on your email list. (Learn how to add an email signup form to your Facebook page here <>.)

Holiday Email Marketing Ideas House2. Holiday gift guide

As we mentioned, your holiday email marketing ideas don’t always have to be directly related to real estate. By doing things that are more personal, you can make a better connection with people on your email list. Offer them a special holiday gift-giving guide. Make sure that you have different guides ready for different audiences, which shows people you have really taken the time to understand what they want and need.

3. Voting on images and videos

There are a lot of visuals involved in the real estate industry, including photos and videos. Some of these photos and videos might be just average, but some might be really great. Ask your email list to vote on their favorite images and videos from your listings throughout the past year, and, of course, offer a prize like a gift card to one lucky participant. Use the winning photos and videos on your website to generate more interest in your services.

4. Black Friday offer

Just about any type of business, including real estate, can take advantage of Black Friday shopping for their holiday email marketing ideas. For instance, you might have certain houses where sellers are willing to reduce their asking prices.

Don’t reduce those prices until it is time for the Black Friday sales, and then offer them as your best deals for anyone looking for a Black Friday bargain, even on a new home.

The agents at High Return Real Estate have been known to send out special holiday incentives to their email lists, which include gift certificates for Black Friday shopping.

5. Cyber Monday offer

Cyber Monday is another biggie, and something you can really make the most of. If customers missed your Black Friday deals, this is another chance for them to see what you have to offer and take advantage of a great deal on a new home. Cyber Monday is also a chance to offer other incentives to buy, such as cash-back offers.

To get even more creative for Cyber Monday, showcase the more high-tech homes  in your inventory. Smarthome! Yes, please!

6. End-of-year update

Another way to celebrate the holidays with your clients is to update them on your successes of the past year. As a real estate agent, you likely have many great things happen in the run of a year, and people will want to hear about them. An update is going to help create a connection between you and clients, because they will have a sense they know you on a more personal level. This also your opportunity to thank clients for doing business with you for the past year, and to express your desire to work with them in the future.

7. Holiday event

Everyone loves a party — especially if there is free food and drinks. Schedule an event centered around the holidays, and invite people from your email list, along with employees and others you do business with.

This is unique among holiday email marketing ideas as it lets you get to know clients better, and it shows you appreciate their business.

Have a party, or even put together a potluck, and everyone can bring a culinary creation of their own.

Holiday Email Marketing Ideas Party

8. Holiday photo contest

Everyone loves to enter contests, and photography contests are particularly popular. Why not set up one for your email list? Choose a holiday theme — such as decorations, ugly sweaters, favorite gifts, family fun, etc. — and ask your list to share their photos. Offer prizes for the best photos. Share the photos on social media, so people have an opportunity to vote and help pick the winners.

9. Personal holiday memory

The more you can show off your personality, the more clients will want to do business with you. Send out a special holiday memory that you can share with your email list. This personal touch might not seem huge, but it can mean a lot to potential clients. If they have a more personal connection with you, they are more likely to want to buy a home from you — because they feel that they can trust you to help them in this important phase of their lives.

10. Current listings

You know the saying: “Always be selling.” While having some fun with your email list this holiday season, remember to keep your active listings updated and include them in your holiday email marketing campaigns. Prospective homebuyers might not be ready to make a purchase until the new year, but holiday marketing is a great way to stay top-of-mind until they are ready to buy.

Image by: Ellie Lord on Unsplash