How to create a Gravatar for your user profile

A reflection of you

Many websites use Gravatars, or globally recognized avatars, to represent users who participate on the site. Perhaps you already have a lovely image set up, but I’m guessing that a few of you are thinking, “Huh?” A Gravatar is a small head shot associated with your email address. And if you want one of your own, we’ll tell you how to create a Gravatar.

Create A Gravatar Beard
This bearded fella is Gary, the founder and CEO of a company called Mad Mimi.

When you participate on websites (like the GoDaddy Blog) as a commenter or contributor, your Gravatar will automatically appear. If you don’t have a Gravatar set up, a generic image will appear instead. But why wouldn’t you take advantage of this (free) opportunity to build your personal brand? So here’s what you need to do to create a Gravatar.

Choose a fabulous photo of yourself

This fabulous photo could be a professional head shot or a selfie — it totally depends on the kind of brand you want to build for yourself. If your brand is all about fun, then hey, make that photo fun. If your brand is all about trust and very serious business things, then yeah, you might want to throw on a suit.

Create a Gravatar with these steps

  • Go here to create your Gravatar.
  • Click on “Create Your Own Gravatar.”
  • You’ll be prompted to create a free account if you don’t already have one.
  • Upload your photo on the “Manage Gravatars” tab.
  • Add your name and details on the “My Profile” tab.

Comment on a blog that uses Gravatars

Create A Gravatar Example

Give it a shot on this very post, and watch your fabulous photo appear. It’s just that easy! They add a little more to your comment contribution and they help personalize the community as a whole. Create a Gravatar today!

Image by: Maria Eklind via Compfight cc

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