How to work with visual influencers during the holidays [infographic]

Leverage clout on Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest

The holidays are a joyous, yet stressful, time of year. While gift giving should be a fun experience, it can also be incredibly overwhelming for shoppers. With gift guides here and “pick me” promos there, how does one narrow down to the best options? Well, through bloggers and social media influencers, of course. Shoppers are inundated with brands marketing to them, so they’ve turned on their ad blockers and are seeking advice from their favorite bloggers on what to buy their loved ones.

Ahead, we’re sharing a few tips on how to work with visual influencers during the holidays, PLUS an infographic with even more helpful tips.

UGC on Instagram drives purchases.

Visual products perform exponentially better than other verticals when it comes to purchase intent — which is why leveraging user-generated content on image-driven social media platforms can be great for sales.

If you sell apparel, jewelry, footwear, beauty products or electronics, Instagram is where you need to be found.

Work with niche Instagram influencers who have the ability to reach your target customers.

Vloggers can bring your products to life.

If there’s any time of year to work with a vlogger, it’s during the holidays. Nothing can tell your brand story better than a video from a relatable influencer. Plus, “Unboxing” videos and “Style Hauls” are a fun and helpful way to share content about your products.

Pinterest is the unsung hero of the holidays.

While everyone is all gung-ho about Instagram and YouTube, Pinterest is just as influential for purchase decisions. In fact, it’s arguably more influential because it’s so visual in nature and also allows you to create boards of all the gifts you need to buy. Equally helpful is when Pinterest influencers create gift boards FOR their followers and make shopping easy peasy.

Holiday marketing infographic

Check out this holiday marketing infographic for more insights on why visual influencers on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are the ones to work with — PRONTO!

Courtesy of: The Shelf