Increase website traffic with email newsletters

Ramp up the numbers

Using links in your email marketing is a fantastic way to increase website traffic for your business or blog. Whether you pride yourself on being as up-to-date as possible on the latest marketing trends or are focusing on the basics of growing your business or community, linking within your email newsletters is a valuable practice because you’re creating an avenue to…you!

Email marketing is one way to drive traffic to your site (among many.) Internet traffic is the equivalent of foot traffic for brick-and-mortar businesses, and you always want to create new opportunities for your business to be found online.

How can I increase website traffic with email newsletters?

Increase Web Traffic With Email Newsletters

Adding relevant links (URLs) to your newsletter is the easiest way to increase website traffic for your business. You can easily link banner images and text and images in the body of your newsletter. Here, two users share their recommendations for how to link effectively in an email newsletter:

Crystal, from Rodan and Fields 

“I know you want to put everything about your fabulous service, product, etc. out there [in your newsletter] for your audience to see, but that is what links are for.  Do not make this a catalogue of all of your products.  Simply put some pics of your best selling items, and link them to an online website or catalogue.  You can even link to a demo video!  My customers love to do their own research, so I link every picture, and some relevant text to web locations that may be of interest to them.  Of course, I have multiple links to my personal website, and most of my customers have used my email newsletters to find their way to their favorite products.”

Ryan, from Best Name Badges 

“Include a short blurb in your email that’s interesting to your customers and readers. Best Name Badges is active in animal rescues and it’s a great non-product related talking point that we can include on our company blog as well as our emails.  It’s best to include the full story on your blog and just use a snippet in your email to encourage your customers to click through to your website.”

In conclusion

Both Crystal and Ryan use links in their newsletters to give their readers just a taste of what’s going on, bigger picture, and it increases their website traffic. Brilliant!

At its best, using links is quite organic, but don’t be afraid to use the technique to make it easier for your people to find you. Focus on the quality content you’re sending first and then go back and link effectively.

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