I have a little crush on Drupal right now

The feeling is mutual

I spent this week with more than 3,000 other Drupal™ community members from all over the world in Austin, Texas, for DrupalCon 2014. DrupalCon is the annual conference where coding, classes, games, friendships, and parties combine for the purpose of driving innovation within the Drupal open-source community.

This was my first DrupalCon. What did I find? A diverse community that’s brimming with brilliant developers, creatives and business people. I was thrilled to count myself among their lot, participating as a representative of GoDaddy. It was so cool to take part in dynamic discussions, meet other enthusiastic members of the Drupal tribe, and contribute to a bit of community documentation.

In retrospect, two things really stood out for me at the event: the versatility of the Drupal platform and the tight bonds between the members of the community itself.

To say that Drupal is versatile is an understatement. From thousands of small business websites to universities (i.e. the MIT Media Lab), corporations (i.e. The Washington Post), and blogs (i.e. Social Media Today), Drupal casts a wide shadow.

On par with the diversity of the implementations, the Drupal community itself is both diverse and connected. One community member even created a “Top 10 perks to being a Drupal developer” list. I was inspired most by community members who said, “being a Drupal developer enables them to live life on their terms.”

The Druplers I met are unapologetic in their excitement for strategy, community, and fun.

Bottom line: The Drupal community is strong, energized, and supportive — and that really came through the entire week in Austin at DrupalCon 2014.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Drupal (don’t worry about your skill-set or knowledge level), cruise on over to the Drupal community page to learn more.

Hey there, I’m Mendel, an intrapreneurial change-maker, developer, speaker, and teacher. I love the outdoors, so you’ll usually find me hittin’ the trails between tech events and code-slinging. I’ve also usually got my nose in a cup of single origin, Chemex-brewed coffee. As a GoDaddy Evangelist, I spend most of my time hanging out with developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative people all around the world to make sure their opinions and suggestions are heard.