ReviewSignal’s Managed WordPress Hosting Showdown

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ReviewSignal, an independent web hosting review site, ran a number of Managed WordPress Hosting providers through their paces in an extensive series of tests last month. Kevin Ohashi, ReviewSignal’s founder, ran the leading providers through the following series of tests, and says the following:

The question I tried to answer is how well do these WordPress hosting services perform? I tested each company on two distinct measures of performance: peak performance and consistency.


Load testing from the most well known load testing service. First test was 60 seconds, from 8 locations each scaling from 1-125 concurrent users (total 1000 users). For this test each one was tested with identical theme (twenty fourteen) and the out of the box configuration. The second test was 60 seconds, from 2 locations (Virginia/California) scaling from 1-1000 (total 2000 users). The configuration of each site was identical with Customizr theme and plugins.

2. Uptime (UptimeRobot and Uptime – a node.js/mongo project)

Consistency matters. I wanted to see how well these companies performed over a longer period of time. I used two separate uptime monitoring services: one existing third party service and one open source project.


WebPagetest is an open source project that is primarily being developed and supported by Google as part of our efforts to make the web faster. WebPageTest grades performance and allows you to run tests from multiple locations simulating real users. I tested from Dulles, VA, Miami, FL, Denver, CO, and Los Angeles, CA.

4. Unnamed Load Testing Service

This service asked to remain nameless in this article. They do natural load testing and are in beta. I tested each WordPress host with the same theme (twenty fourteen) and the out of the box configuration for this test. I ran into some issues with this service which I will discuss later.

The hosting providers that Ohashi tested were A Small Orange, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, Pagely, Pressable, SiteGround, WebSynthesis and WPEngine.

WordPress Hosting Comparison

The results of ReviewSignal’s tests are at ReviewSignal: The Managed WordPress Hosting Showdown and, not to give away any Game of Thrones-level spoilers, but…GoDaddy went above and beyond. In fact, Ohashi says in the article “GoDaddy surprised me, and in a good way” and “[t]hey appear to be in the top tier of specialized WordPress hosting companies. Given their price, I think they have the potential to push down pricing on most of their competitors who charge 3-4 times what GoDaddy charges.”

Did ReviewSignal’s results surprise you?

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