Naming tips for your bouncing new blog

Who’s your baby?

Like the name you give a child, the naming of a blog is not something to be taken lightly. Your blog is your baby on the Internet, and you want it to have a strong, wonderful name so it represents your brand the way it should.

So, here are some pointers to help you come up with a unique and brand-worthy name for your bouncing new blog.

Are you representin’?

Consider whether you want to be the face of your blog. Some bloggers mirror their own name for their blog’s domain name. For example, my personal blog is called the because I’m an egotistical brat. It was only recently, though, that someone informed me it’s not cool anymore to have the word “the” at the beginning of the domain. That was an easy problem to solve — I also bought and plan to redirect the name eventually. Maybe. Probably. Who knows?

Some cool kids — like my bloggy pal Quirky Chrissy — also do a remix of their name for their blog name. Basically, the point is that if your name is somewhere in the blog name, everyone will know it’s yours and you will get to stroke your vanity every time you post to it.

Play it straight … or not

Decide if you want an eccentric name, a play on words, a name that means something only to you, or a name that blatantly states what people will find on your blog. Here are some tips to help you decide whether to go whimsical or at face value. Obviously, when you go to a blog like you know you’re going to find life hacks. On the other hand, a blog domain name like doesn’t exactly scream Cross Fit.

If you opt for a blog name that represents what the site is about, you’ll need to get clear on your niche before coming up with the name.

Yes, that’s important. You wouldn’t create a blog name like to post dental hygiene tips, would you? Well, maybe you would if you’re the special kind of evil that mom warned us about when we were children. I’ll bet you also gave out toothbrushes on Halloween and then wondered why the neighborhood kids toilet papered your house at midnight!

It’s like magic

If you’re comfortable letting an algorithm pick your blog name, you could cop out and use an online name generator. At sites such as Cool Name Ideas, you simply enter a word or words that describe your blog, choose your topic, and search for available .com names. The generator will spit out a list of possibilities. I suppose this does take the guesswork out of things — and you can blame the generator for screwing up if you later decide you hate the name. Scapegoat!

Ask around

Maybe your answer lies in asking your pals on social media and in real life. Let your friends and followers know that you’re thinking of starting a blog and ask for potential name ideas. Of course, it will help if you give them a little insight into what you plan to blog about. And you’ll want to accept their suggestions gracefully, even if they’re lame. After all, these people will probably comprise the bulk of your viewing audience when you first get started. Think about how excited they’ll be if they actually help you come up with the name of your awesome new blog. Props.

Involve some coin

You could auction off the naming rights. Maybe I’m caught up in the idea of selling the name because of books like Creativity for Sale by Jason SurfrApp, whose real name is no longer Jason SurfrApp, but it was for a year or so when he sold his last name to a mobile application. Hey, at least if you sell the naming rights you are making money before you publish the first blog post! Not many bloggers can say that, my friend.

Stick to the basics

Of course, you might want to keep a few online naming basics in mind when you’re coming up with your blog’s moniker. It should be short (one or two words – three is pushing it), catchy, memorable, pronounceable, unique and easy to spell.

Keep SEO in mind

Remember that your blog’s actual name and its domain don’t have to match up exactly. You’re smart, so you’ll probably do a little research to figure out what keywords people type into the Googles to look for the type of info you plan on putting out. If you think of the perfect blog name, but it doesn’t contain any of those keywords, it might not be a bad idea to get a domain that incorporates a keyword or two. Or not. The world is your burrito, so eat it however you want.

Throw caution to the wind

If none of these ideas appeal to you, just open a dictionary (it’s gotta be the paper kind; this little exercise won’t work on, close your eyes, and point to a word. Then flip to another page and grab another word. Combine those two random words to create the greatest blog name ever! I got the words “cigarette” and “horse” when I performed this weird exercise … the next great thing? Ya never know.

Other than that, my only other advice is to meditate on it and maybe the name will just come to you in a dream.

Have you already figured out the blog name game? How did you pick yours? I would love to know in the comments below.

Image by: Oleg. via Compfight cc