Nodejitsu to join the GoDaddy team

Oh, the places they’ll node!

GoDaddy has been unwavering in its mission to build a world-class engineering organization focused on creating innovative new products that enable small businesses to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. Or, to put it another way, putting the power of advanced technology within reach of every small business worldwide.

We’ve made incredible progress to date, and today GoDaddy further bolstered its commitment to Node.js and active participation within the open source community. That’s because we are welcoming Nodejitsu, including co-founder and CEO Charlie Robbins, to our family. Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president of Product at GoDaddy, shared our excitement about adding Nodejitsu to the GoDaddy team:

“GoDaddy is doubling-down on its commitment to Node.js as we continue to use Node and Javascript as important elements of our products and platforms. We’re ecstatic to have the incredibly talented team at Nodejitsu join GoDaddy. They will prove invaluable in our efforts to push Node.js forward and contribute back to the community.”

nodejitsu logo

The Nodejitsu team knows Node.js inside and out. They’ve been involved with it since shortly after its inception in 2009, and have been active supporters of the community and the ecosystem as it has evolved and grown dramatically in popularity over the years.

GoDaddy recently open sourced several of its Node.js projects, including its Cassandra driver, node-priam, and our cluster implementation. The Nodejitsu team will continue to work on important open source projects like forever, node-http-proxy, winston, primus, nconf, godot, pkgcloud, and flatiron. We’re both looking forward to the next amazing projects we’ll be working on together.

“JavaScript is key to any organization’s success, and Node.js expanded that importance beyond the browser onto the server,” says Nodejitsu founder and CEO Charlie Robbins. “Our entire team was impressed by GoDaddy’s incredible transformation and commitment to important technologies like Node.js. We’re all thrilled to contribute and accelerate that as we deliver killer new products to millions of customers.”

Image by: katiew via Compfight cc

Antonio Silveira is VP of Engineering for GoDaddy’s Presence and Commerce division. He is responsible for creating DIY solutions for small businesses. Antonio has over 16 years of experience building highly scalable Internet products. Prior to GoDaddy, Antonio was an Engineering Director at Yahoo, where he worked on Yahoo Mail and Messenger. Antonio is currently leading a major tech stack transition at GoDaddy using NodeJS and NoSQL.