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When I heard I was going to New York City for a business trip, I immediately dug my old Wu-Tang and L.L.Cool J CDs out of boxes to get a feel for the NYC vibe. Crossing the bridge from Queens into Manhattan left me speechless. Like that time I was invited to a friend’s birthday party in fifth grade. They had a swimming pool with a waterfall and a pool slide. All we had at my house was a hose and a slip ‘n slide. I honestly felt lucky to be there.

A lot of people feel the same way about the Big Apple. There really isn’t any place like it anywhere else in the world. And the new .nyc domain extension is as unique as the people, history, food, and energy of its namesake.

.nyc — an exclusive website address

Starting Monday, Aug. 4, New Yorkers can stake their claim on the city with the new .nyc generic top-level domain (gTLD). Unlike the .com domain space that’s as crowded as a New York City sidewalk, the .nyc domain extension is so fresh that you’ll have the opportunity to register a website address that’s shorter (thus, more memorable). And if you’re doing business in the big city, a website address that ends in .nyc offers huge branding, localization and personalization benefits. You can learn more about all of that here.

Like a Fifth Avenue pad with a park view, a website address ending in .nyc says you’re making things happen in the city that never sleeps. It’s exclusive. Here’s why:

NYC residents only allowed

You’ve got to have an address in one of the five boroughs — Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or The Bronx — to purchase a .nyc domain name.

Single pre-registration

Some domains allow multiple interested people to pre-register the same domain name and then battle it out in an auction at a later date. That’s not the case with .nyc. We’re only accepting one pre-registration of each .nyc domain name — so jump on the .nyc train before another New Yorker beats you to the punch.

Who needs privacy in .nyc?

Because of the residency restriction, private registration is not available for the .nyc domain. In case you’re not familiar, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires registrars like GoDaddy to add valid contact information to the WHOIS directory for each domain name you register. Private registration enables you to hide your personal contact information and display proxy info instead. But hey, is anything really private in New York City?

Show your city pride

The release of the .nyc domain extension is your chance to show your New York City pride and brand your business as being as unique as the city you service. There is something very special about telling your customers to find you online at FrankiesPizza.nyc or send you an email at info@yellowcabs.nyc.

Take a look and search for a website address that reflects the beauty, grit, and inspiration that is New York City.

Image by: Phil Guest via Compfight cc

Isaac Irvine
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