How to objectively measure web hosting reliability

The truth from the hype

In an always-on world, it’s important to ensure that your web hosting provider is fast and has consistently solid uptime. But how do you know? Is there a process to separate the reality from the hype?

Web Hosting Reliability - Uptime

Outlined below is a proven performance and reliability measurement approach called The Hosting Reliability Measurement Method. The steps in this approach are:

  1. Identify the hosting providers to test
  2. Get an account at each provider
  3. Deploy a test site at each provider
  4. Audit the hosting providers
  5. Measure and compare the results

This month’s Cloud Computing Journal features an article from our own David Koopman who does a deep dive on The Hosting Reliability Measurement Method, which gives the detail behind the process outlined above. Read the whole article here.

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Christopher Carfi
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